Training workshop

Workshop On Intellectual Property

The generation of Intellectual Properties (IPs) which include patents, trademarks, designs, and copyrights stand at the forefront of the activities that place a University on world-class relevance. All concerned stakeholders, especially, the researchers and inventors stand to gain immensely from IP generation and commercialization. Such benefits range from financial proceeds from their IPs to Industrial linkages and royalties.

The Vice Chancellor hereby hosts the Intellectual Property and Research Commercialization workshop to afford all participants the opportunity to grasp fully the concept of IP generation in the University setting, the processes involved in research output commercialization, as well as hands-on training on the patenting process.

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Fieldwork Geo

Geology Fieldwork Conference 2018

About The Conference

A Code for Geoscientific Fieldwork in Africa: Guidelines on Health and Safety Issues in Mapping, Mineral Exploration and Geoecological Research

Reinforcing  health and safety management issues in geoscientific fieldwork in Africa is urgent. This is exemplified from the recurrent reports of missing participants, unsavory accounts of encounters with village heads, municipal authorities or section chiefs, motor vehicle accidents, hunting accidents, kidnappings, armed robberies, attacks by herdsmen, „vigilante groups‟ or wild animals, unethical field procedures, common law duty of care, litigation, insurance considerations, and so on. It is surely not good publicity for any university if a student undertaking fieldwork is attacked, killed by wild animals, hijacked, injured by landmine, catches malaria, or, worst, shot by a hunter and dies in the field. The Conference will bring to light the virtual absence of regulatory guidelines in conducting geological fieldwork by many geoscience departments in Africa and some mineral exploration and mining establishments, and would highlight the importance of mitigating health and safety challenges identified from the ethical, legal, economic and other dimensions.


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matric holds

44th Matriculation Ceremony


This is to inform the General Public and the University community in particular, that the earlier advertised Matriculation Ceremony of the University of Nigeria still holds as scheduled on Saturday, February 10, 2018 at the various Campuses – Nsukka and Enugu.


All matriculants are requested to please approach their various Deans and Associate Deans of Faculty to collect their matriculation gowns and other paraphernalia for the event.


The Matriculation programme starts 9.00 a.m. on Saturday, February 10, 2018.  The Vice-Chancellor on behalf of the Council, Senate, and the entire University Community, congratulates ALL MATRICULANTS.


Welcome to the LIONS DEN!



Chief (Dr.) Okwun Omeaku

Public Relations Officer