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Research Project

nwogaMimosa Solar Innovation

Renewable Energy Generation through Mimosa Plant Weed                                    


Pharm. Justus Nwaoga

University of Nigeria







What should be clear in our minds is that energy drives the world. The phenomenon is not appreciated only on this planet, but the entire universe. Energy sustains life and makes things move. Wherever there is movement, obviously there is energy. Take a moment out and perform a simple mental exercise. Look around; observe as many things (living and non living) as you can that are in motion. Identify their immediate source-forms of energy. You will see that, indeed, there is energy in everything


In the fulfillment of original divine will for man, humans have successfully derived energy from a variety of inanimate source forms –Sun, Water, wind fossil deposits, etc. Nevertheless, there are efforts presently made to explore the energy generation in Mimosa plant weed. This will be discussed shortly in details.

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