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The Repository represents a concise and coordinated warehouse of intellectual resource, books, journals, research materials, academic volumes, and manuscripts. However, by no means is it restricted to the above-listed. It is a condensed tip of the educational contributions of past and present academia, broadening to include scholarly enterprise, literary achievements, hypothetical reasoning and an array of intellectual gifts from the University of Nigeria to anyone whose search for answers and solutions brings them to this doorstep.

The United Nations Repository Library

Nnamdi Azikiwe Library was approved as a depository library by the Publication Board of United Nations on May 13, 1965. It accepted the depository status on June 22, 1965. Owing to the depository status of Nnamdi Azikiwe Library, there was need to create a separate collection of these publications. These materials are current. The United Nations depository library has the total sum of twenty thousand, eight hundred and fifty five current books (20,855). Materials in the Section are mainly research works and books from these UNO agencies, which are mainly used by postgraduate students, staff, final year students and researchers from higher institutions in South-East Zone of Nigeria. Between the year 2004 and now this Section has been able to serve well over 45,000 users, staff, students and researchers from the South-East Zone of Nigeria. Services are not however restricted to users form the South East Zone.

Government Documents/Archives Section

Government documents are materials published by Federal, State or Local Governments, parastatals, non-governmental organizations, associations, corporate bodies and institutions of higher learning. These materials are in form of books, reports, biographies, statistics, journals, pamphlets, bulletins, newsletters, gazettes and others. The Section has been able to produce three volumes of subject index to our information materials. The Subject Index is an access point tool that enables users to effectively utilize the rich information resources in this Section.

The Africana Section

One of the distinguishing strengths of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Library is its core and comprehensive information resources on African subjects. Africana Section has two sub-units namely: Achebeana and Biafrana. Achebeana contains books written by Prof. Chinua Achebe or books written on him while Biafrana consists of works on Nigerian/Biafran Civil War (1967 – 1970). The Section has a total of 46,106 volumes made up of books, theses and other specialized materials. It is vital to note that over 41,131 users have been served by the Section between 2004 and 2010.

The resource under this section comprises mainly of Thesis, Dissertations and Projects. This is the mainly body of the Repository.

Library Resources

The resources in the library are shown in the table below

S/No Resources Volumes Remarks
1. Journals 99,760 bound volumes 5,438 titles
2. e-journals:




OARE Over 2,990 titles
JSTOR Over 2967 titles
EBSCO HOST Over 10,000 titles
HINARI Over 7,500 titles
AGORA Â 1,900 journals
3. Books 735,157 volumes