Academic Planning Unit

Director of Academic Planning Unit

Professor Uju Clara Umo is a professor of Language Education in the Department of Arts Education, Faculty of Education, University of Nigeria. Her research interests include skills for effective public speech, use of games in teaching and learning of indigenous Language, and Issues in Language Education.


Establishment of Academic Planning Unit

As an integral part of the administrative arm of the University, its history is subsumed in the history of the University. To this extent the birth of the University marked the inception of the Bursary Department.

Duties of Academic Planning and Control Unit

In keeping with the essential purposes of all great Universities since the dawn of man’s great struggle toward universal human dignity, the basic objectives of the University of Nigeria results.

Publications of Academic Planning Unit

Vision without action is a dream.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Academic Planning Unit Organogram

From Inception to date, the Bursary Department at one time or the other has had the leaders who were simply the best in what they do.

Summary Statistics for the Current Session

In accordance with the Act and regulation laid down by the governing council, the Bursary is committed to the best of services.