Centre for Entrepreneurial and Development Research


The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Development Research (CEDR) is a not-for-profit, outreach and training arm of the University of Nigeria headquartered at its Nsukka campus and with a branch at the Enugu campus. The centre was established in 2006 with the broad objective of driving efforts to make University of Nigeria an internationally recognized entrepreneurial University and as a creative response to high levels of unemployment in Nigeria.


A fully industrialized Nigeria through the catalytic and pioneering role of micro/small/medium enterprises.


To promote entrepreneurial culture and mind-set, skill acquisition, self-employment, economic independence and self-actualization.
The Centre’s approaches and engagement with the clientele aim to provide insight into the tools, techniques and frameworks for managing all functional areas of business enterprises, including production, marketing, personnel and finance; developing skills of potential entrepreneurs to successfully start, expand, diversify, and manage a business enterprise as well as link them with financial institutions for startup capital. CEDR is structured into 4 departments, namely, research and consultancy, entrepreneurship training, skill acquisition, and cooperative and extension departments.

Key activities of the Centre are entrepreneurship training, business enhancement programme for artisans and small business operators, workshops to teach and spread the message of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, and development research. It funds its activities through grants, donations, and fees from training programmes, workshops and consultancies. Our key resources are highly skilled personnel and ICT and training facilities. Our clients include undergraduate students, unemployed school leavers, artisans, small business operators, development agencies, NGO’s, government ministries and parastatals. CEDR collaborates with individuals and institutions involved in entrepreneurship development and development research. CEDR is the Implementing Agency for Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) for South East geopolitical zone in Nigeria.

CEDR strives to become a major resource centre/knowledge portal on issues of entrepreneurship and development research and to communicate knowledge effectively within Nigeria and beyond.