Inaugural Lectures

An Overview

The Inaugural Lecture of the University of Nigeria is a way of letting people know what academic/research activities a Professor has carried out over the years and what his/her future research interests are.

The first Inaugural Lecture of University of Nigeria was held in 1976 by Professor K. Nzimiro. In the present times, the event has become a monthly occasion in which all professors both old and new, are encouraged to indicate interest in presenting their Inaugural Lectures so that the academic world would know what they have done so far and what they intend to do in the future.

Aspects of University of Nigeria Inaugural Lecture include:

  • To synthesize one’s scholarship and the scholars’ contribution to knowledge.
  • The Inaugural Lectures is done in a simplified manner that individuals who do not belong to the same field with the scholar will understand what the lecturer has come to say.


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