University Of Nigeria Mobile App


Presents to you a mobile application called UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA MOBILE APPLICATION (UNNAPP)

This application is of immense benefits to students and staff of the university as well as to the university herself.

To the students:

The mobile app makes it possible for students to access the university portal and website as a downloadable mobile app. With this application, the students can, conveniently, carry out many portal and website activities like: course registration, viewing of course grades/CGPA, payments of school fees and lots more through their smart phones and other mobile devices.

Students can as well engage in numerous activities in the university website like the UNN news, UNN Instagram, UNN twitter, UNN facebook, UNN instagram,  itranscript, how to do, elearning, community zone, repository, open educational resources, inaugural lectures, pg school activities and so many more.

To the Staff

The mobile application will enable members of the university staff to gain easy access to

UNN news, UNN library and resources, google scholar, research gate, university email, UNN YouTube Channel, all the features listed above and lots more, through their phones and other mobile devices.

To the University

The mobile app will bring the needed traffic for the university website that will move the university high in terms of university ranking. The app will help to make the staff and students of the university visible which will lead to the overall visibility of the university. 

To Obtain the App

Search for UNNMAPP or University of Nigeria Mobile Application, at your android play store.