Staff Training & Development Opportunity Under NEEDS Assessment Intervention


Further to our earlier advert, and in order to attain our desired target number of trainees, we hereby solicit for supplementary applications from both ACADEMIC AND NON-ACADEMIC staff of the University of Nigeria for training programmes locally (NIGERIAN UNIVERSITIES) & in AFRICAN UNIVERSITIES preferably South Africa under the NEEDS ASSESSMENT PROGRAMME.

  1. However, consideration will also be given to applicants admitted to Asian Universities (e.g. Malysia etc) or in deed elsewhere with low cost involvement.
  2. Focus programmes of intervention are PhD and Masters; and Bench Work/Training for 3 – 12months duration.
  3. Interested applicants should `forward their applications, CV along with current Admission Letter/Letter of Invitation for Benchwork to the undersigned on or before WEDNESDAY 6th December, 2017.
  4. Note that very limited numbers of applications will be considered on first come first served basis.
  5. Those who responded to the earlier call in October, 2017 need not reapply.


Prof. Anene, B. M.

Chairman Senate Scholarship Committee