UNN Prayer

Invitation To UNN-Wide Interdenominational Prayer Meeting

We hereby write to invite you to a university-wide interdenominational prayer meeting approved by the Vice Chancellor on Thursday 23rd May, 2019 by 2.00pm at EKPO CONVOCATION ARENA.  

The main objective of the program is to pray for Gods guidance for the smooth transition to a new administration and to foster divine unity in the university community.

While thanking God for the wisdom and grace given to the out-going Vice Chancellor which leave yield tremendous progress, peace and tranquility, infrastructural development, enhanced human capacity building with the resultant effect of making the university an ivory tower and citdel of learning and ensuring world-class standards.

It is very imperative for the university community to collectively pry for peaceful co-existence and development in University.

Futhermore, the wave of evil powers and altars resulting in suicides, fustrations and sacrileges require urgent supernatural intervention through collective prayers.

We eagerly and earnestly look forward to having your highly esteemed and cherished presence.




Professor Emmanuel Agomu                                                                                            Dr. Edwin Omeje

Pastor Dennis Edafiogho