Department: Economics
Faculty: Social Sciences
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Phone: +23480944805

Publications (Articles and Journals):

Dr. Asogwa has many articles in both domestic and international journals in Economics and other related fields in addition to his book titled “The Fundamentals of Research Methodology”. Some of these publications are:
(1) Asogwa, Fredrick and N. Nosa (2012):Determining the Failure Rate of the Banking
Industry in Nigeria. Multidisciplinary Journal of Academic Excellence (MULTIJAE), Vol 6 No 1, May 2012, ISSN 2141 – 3215.  Published by National Association for the Advancement of Knowledge (NAFAK)

(2) Asogwa, Fredrick and NgeneAmuche (2012) Exchange Rate Fluctuation and Trade
Flows in Nigeria. Academic Scholarship Journal. Vol 5 No 1, April, 2012. ISSN2141 – 3428.  Published  by National Association for Research Development (NARD)

(3)  Asogwa, Fredrick and S.U. Musa (2011)  Fiscal  Deficits and Output Growth in
Nigeria. International Journal of Research on Computer Application and management, Volume  No 1 (2011) Issue No 9 (November), ISSN 2231 – 1009, Page 47-51 www.ijrcm.org.in

(4) Asogwa, Fredrick and S.U. Musa (2010): Growth and macroeconomic Volatility in
Nigeria (1970-2005). The National Association for the Advancement of Knowledge (NAFAK),  Vol. 3. No 1 University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.

(5) Asogwa, Fredrick (2009): Fundamentals of Research Methodology. Lawnet Communications (Nig), Nsukka, Nigeria

(6)Asogwa, Fredrick and Ambrose Omeje (2012) “Causes and consequences of
Heteroskadasticity in Time Series” International Journal of Research in Commerce, Economics and Management, Vol 2, No 12

(7)J.I. Amuka, Asogwa, Fredrick and A.O. Agu(2013) Early School Enrolment and Children’s Academic Performance: Evidence on Nigeria.   International Journal of Research in Arts and Social Sciences (IJRASS)Vol 5. Impact factor 0.3280

(8) J.I. Amuka, Asogwa, Fredrick and A.O. Agu (2013) Are Rural School Children
at the same Academic level with their urban peers? Evidence for Education Policy in Nigeria.International Journal of Theology and Reformed TraditionVol 6 . Impact factor 0.6956

(9) Asogwa, Fredrick and  Ohaegbu, Nnaemeka Emmanuel    (2013)“The Long Run
Relationship Between Stock Market Returns and Investment Growth in Nigeria: (1970 - 2010)”International Journal of Research in Computer Application&Management No. 3 Vol. 3 www.ijrcm

(10) Asogwa, Fredrick and OkekeIzuchukwu (2013)“The crowding out effect of Budget Deficits on Private Investment in Nigeria”. European Journal of Business and Management. The international Institute for science, Technology and Education (IISTE) EJBM@iiste.com

(11) Asogwa, Fredrick,Ohaleme Kennedy and UgwuanyiRomanus (2013) “The
Impact of Telecommunication Expenditure on Economic Growth in Nigeria” Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, ISSN (paper) 2222-1700 ISSN (Online) 2222-2855 JESD@iiste.com

(12) Asogwa, Fredrick,UgwuanyiRomanus and Okoro Chika (2013) “Non-
Oil Exports and Economic Growth in Nigeria” European Journal of Business and Management, ISSN (paper) 2222-1735 ISSN (Online) 2222-288X EJBM@iiste.com

(13) Asogwa, Fredrick,OkekeIkechukwu and Sheriff Musa (2013) “The Impact of
Exchange Rate Dynamics on Capital inflows in Nigeria (1970-2010)” Journal of Information and Knowledge Management, IIsn (paper) 2224-5758 ISSN (Online) 2224-896X JIKM@iiste.com

(14) Asogwa, Fredrick, and Okeke Mercy (2013)  “Value Added Tax  And
Investment Growth In Nigeria: Time Series Analysies”  Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences,iosrjhss@gmail.com. International Organisation of Scientific Research (IOSR)Vol 18, No 1www.iosrjournals.org

(15) Asogwa, Fredrick, OkekeAdaobi and Ugwu Johnson (2013)” Unemployment Rate And Economic Growth In Nigeria “Journal of Developing Country Studies, ISSN (Paper)2224-607X ISSN (Online)2225-0565. JDCS@iiste.com

(18) Asogwa, Fredrick Onyebuchi; Ambrose Nnaemeka Omeje; Manasseh O.
Charles and Nwapu Delight Ozioma (2013) The Consequences of Foreign
Direct Investment on Poverty Reduction in Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 9 No 1. ISSN: 018-4807.

(19) Asogwa Fredrick Onyebuchi,  Ezeani Aishetu Ngozi and Sheriff Urama
Musa (2014) Empirical Analysis of the Conditional Grant Scheme (CGS) in Delta State, Nigeria, IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (IOSRJHSS) Vol 19, Issue 1 Ver. VIIIpp 13-18, ISSN 2279-0845

(20) Manasseh Charles OsonduAsogwa, Fredrick Onyebuchi, Agu David onyinychi and Aneke Gladys (2014) Economic Growth in Nigeria: Evidence from the Appraisal of Financial Sector Reforms and its Causal Effects, IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (IOSRJHSS) Vol 19, Issue 5, ver II (May 2014) pp 01 – 10) e-ISSN: 2279-0837, p-ISSN 2279 – 0845 www.iosrjournals.org

(21) Asogwa, Fredrick Onyebuchi et al (2014) The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in Nigeria, IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (IOSRJHSS) Vol 3, Issue 5

(22) Manasseh Charles OsonduAsogwa Fredrick Onyebuchi, and Attamah Marcellus Ifeanyi (2014)  FinancialSecto Development:Evidence from institutional Reforms in Nigeria. Research Journal of Finance and Accounting,Vol 5 No 15, IISTE


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