Mr. ONU Ernest Onyemaechi.

Department: Crop Science
Faculty: Agriculture
Designation : Administrative Assistant
Phone: 080

Publications (Articles and Journals):

1. A.E. Onyuimonyi and Onu Ernest (2009) An Assessment of Pawpaw leaf meal as a protein ingredient for finishing Broilers. International Journal of Poultry Science 8 (10) pp 1995-1998.

2. E.I. Eze, E.O. Onu, C.A. Iwueze and G.U. Ugwu (2010). Anti-microbial Activities of Methanolic leaf Extract of Gongronema lalifolia stem on clinical isolates of Escherichia Coli from Diarrrhoea patience. Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences. Vol. 16 (4) pp 391-394.

3. Baiyeri, K.P., Eze S.C. and Onu, E.O. (2013). Germplasm Evaluation of Cassava (Manihot esculanta Crantz) in sub Humid Environment of South Eastern Nigeria. A case of Nsukka Agro Ecology Nigeria. Agro Journal of Faculty of Agriculture, UNN.

4. Onyia V.N., Onu, E.O. and Onyeonagu C.C. (2012) Techniques of Crop Production and Improvement Protocols in Plant propagation. A hand book of Practical Agriculture UNN. pp 111-137.

Area of Specialization
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