Department: Arts Education
Faculty: Education
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Email: bernadine.ogboji@unn.edu.ng
Phone: +2348038781463

Publications (Articles and Journals):

A. Text books for universities and colleges of education

1.  Uzoagba, I.N. and Ogboji, B.A. (2005). Issues in the Teaching
                And Administration of Art Education in Nigerian Schools, Nsukka:
                UNICA Publishers.

2.  Uzoagba, I.N. and Ogboji, B. A. (2008). Curriculum Development and        
                Teaching Method. Nsukka: UNICA Publishers.           
3.  Uzoagba, I.N. and   Ogboji, B. A. (2013). Fundamentals of Creative Arts for            
                Junior Secondary School, Book One. Nsukka: UNICA Publishers.       

B. Chapter in a book
4.  Ogboji, B.A.  (2007). Basic and Post Basic Education Curriculum Modules
                For Arts and Science Subjects (Cultural and Creative Arts) Ogwo, B.A.
                (ed). Out of School (Market/Mechanic Village Schools) Programme in
                South Eastern States of Nigeria, Abuja: Education Trust Fund (ETF) 1,
                90-96, 232 -239.

C. Journal Articles
5. Ogboji, B. A; Ibenegbu, I. C. (2012). Fine and Applied Arts resource Materials    
                  for Senior Secondary School – SSS (Post Basic Education): Challenges for   
                  Art Education and Transformation. International Journal of Educational   
                  Research 11 (1) 34-39.

6. Ogboji, B.A; Ezeugwu, J.O. (2012). Creative Arts Curriculum Development for     
                 Entrepreneurship Skills Acquisition at Tertiary Education Level in Nigerian
                 Journal of Curriculum Studies. 

 7. Ogboji, B. A; Ibenegbu, I. C. (2012). Shaping the Environment in Nigeria:The   Need For Developing Curriculum on Climate Change Through Art Education at
             Secondary School Level in Nigeria. (in press) 

8. Ogboji, B. A. (2011). Modeling Skills in Cultural and Creative Arts for Teacher
Effectiveness in Upper Basic Education (JS1-3) in the 21st century. Nigerian   
Journal of Curriculum Studies 18(2), 219 -223.
9.  Ogboji, B.A (2010).Enhancing Teachers’ Capacity in Implementing Cultural and  Creative Arts (CCA) at the Lower Basic Education for the Challenges of The
           21st Century.International Journal of Research, Faculty of Education,                
                  University of Nigeria Nsukka.11 (1) 171-180.

10. Ogboji, B. A. (2010). Implementation of Creative Arts in Entrepreneurial
                  Education for Retirement. International Journal of Educational
                  Research, Faculty of Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka 10 (1)

11. Ogboji, B. A. (2009). Art Education Curriculum for Institutionalization of
                  Peace in Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Curriculum studies 17 (3),
                  128 – 136.

12. Ogboji, B.A.  (2008). Motivational strategies for Quality Assurance in Learning
                     Junior Secondary School Cultural and Creative Arts (CCA).Nigerian Journal of Curriculum Studies 15 (2) 50-55.

13. Ogboji, B.A.  (2008). Utilization of Information and Communication
                Technology (ICT) in Graphic Communication in Tertiary Institution:
                Implication for Development, Implementation and Evaluation. Institute
               of Education Journal, University of Nigeria Nsukka 19(1) 190-197. 

14. Ogboji. B.A.  (2008). Challenges to Cultural and Creative Arts
                 (CCA) at the Junior Secondary School (JSS): Implication for Social
                 Change. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 16(1), 60- 65.

15. Ogboji, B.A.  (2007). The Open And Distance Learning Education: What
                 Opportunities for Arts and Craft in Nigeria. Journal of  World Council for  Curriculum and Instruction WCCI Nigeria Chapter 6(1) 110-119.

16. Ogboji, B.A.  (2007). Issues of Implementing Information and
                Communication Technology (ICT) For Effective Instruction at the Basic
                Education Level. Nigerian Journal of Curriculum Studies, 14 (1) 238-243.

17. Ogboji, B.A.  (2006). The Position of Art Education Curriculum in
                  Contemporary Nigerian Secondary Schools System. Journal of  Curriculum Organization of Nigeria (CON) Calabar chapter, 2 (1) 214-22

D. Referred Conference Papers

18. Ogboji, B. A. (2011). Status of E-learning in the University Education in Nigeria.
       Journal of Institute of Education, University of Nigeria Nsukka, 338-347.

19. Ogboji, B. A. (2010). Preparation of Cultural and Creative Arts Teachers                   
      For Effective Implementation of Upper Basic Education. (JS 1-3) Curriculum:
      Implication for Attainment of Vision 20: 20: 20. Onyegegbu, N.and Eze, U.
                  (eds). A publication of the Institute of  Education, UNN. 182.

20.   Ogboji, B.A. (2009). Determination of Pre-University Undergraduate
Choice of Art Education as a Career: Implication for Quality Knowledge
Generation and Dissemination in Ezeh, D.N. and Onyegegbu, N. (eds). Issues and Challenges in Nigerian Universities, 96- 104.

 21.   Ogboji, B.A.  (2008). Curriculum Reform in Cultural and Creative Arts
                    For the Attainment of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in
                    Nworgu, B.G. (ed). Educational Reforms and the Attainment of   Millennium Goals (MDGs): the Nigerian Experience, 13-17.

  22.   Ogboji, B.A.   (2008). Nurturing Creativity at the Junior Secondary
                     School: Implication for Curriculum Development in Nworgu, B.G. (ed).
                     Education in the Information Age: Global Challenges and Enhancement
         Strategy. Proceedings of the First International Conference of the
                     Faculty of Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 36 - 40.


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