Mrs. Adilieje Chioma M.

Department: Medical Biochemistry
Faculty: Basic Medical Sciences
Designation : Lecturer Ii
Phone: +2348063313528

Biography :

Adilieje M. Chioma is a lecturer II at the Department of Medical Biochemistry. She specializes in genetics and biotechnology. Adilieje obtained a Master of Science degree at the Department of Genetics and Biotechnology, University of Calabar, where her interest steered to the study of life forms at the molecular level. 

She was awarded the best postgraduate student in the department and as a reward for excellent performance was recalled to take up a Tertiary Education Trust Fund Ph.D. research grant with main focus on evaluating the genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationship of Chrysichthys species in the Cross River basin, eastern Niger Delta using ribosomal RNA gene, inter transcribed spacer genes and microsatellite Marker. She is experienced in molecular techniques and has published works in leading international journals. Adilieje, is also working on CRISPA/ CAS9 genome editing and looks forward to collaborative research from within and outside her institution.

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