Mrs. Nkiru Christiana Ohia.

Department: Educational Foundations
Faculty: Education
Designation : Research Fellow Grade I
Phone: +2347033615057

Publications (Articles and Journals):

Research/Academic Publications


Oyeoku, E.K., Ohia, N.C., Nweke,P.O., and Okop,E.O. (2017) The role of ICT in education for sustainable development in South-East Nigeria Universities. Nigerian Journal of Sociology of Education 11(1)145-151.

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Referred and Published Conference Papers

Ohia, N.C.(2010)Relationship Between Mothers’ Educational Level, Occupation And Child Mortality. In Noah,Sule ,and Balogun(eds) Book Of  Readings In Sociology Of Education. A Publication of Association of Sociologists of Education Of Nigeria. (Arising From 3rd Annual National Conference of the Association held in October, 2009 at University of Illorin).Pp 11-15

Ohia, N.C. and Onuigbo, A.U.(2011) Influence Of Home Movies on Senior Secondary School Perception Of Violent Crimes in South East-Nigeria. In Noah,Sule ,and Balogun(eds) Book Of  Readings In Sociology Of Education.A Publication of Association of Sociologists of  Education of Nigeria.(Arising From 4th Annual National Conference of the Association held in October,2010 at UsmanuDanfodiyo University  Sokoto), Pp 14-20.

Book Chapters

Ohia, N and Abidogun J (forthcoming) Going to School: Nsukka Education Context.In J Abidogun (ed.) African Science Education: Gendering Indigenous Knowledge in Nigeria. Oxfordshire, UK: Routledge, 20XX. 

Ohia,N. C.,Ezeibe,A.,and Otagburuagu,E.(2009). Igbo women in contemporary entrepreneurship In Otagburuagu(ed)African Entrepreneurship In The New Millennium.Calabar: PaclenPublishers.Pp. 49-60.

Ohia,N.C.andIbenekwu, I.(2010)The youth and societal systems.InUnegbu, Otagburuagu and Ohia (eds)The Youth And National Development in Nigeria.Enugu:Benak Publishers.Pp.46-65.

Ohia,N.C. and Azikiwe,U.(2013). The Church,sexual harassment and  abuse of women in South-Eastern Nigeria. In Etego,R.M and Oduyoye,M.A.(eds) Religion and gender based violence. Ghana: Legon Theological Studies Series. 82-98.

Edited Works

Unegbu, J.,Otagburuagu,E. and Ohia,N. (2010) eds. The Youth and National Development In Nigeria, Enugu: Benak Publishers.

Onuigbo S. and Ohia, N. (2012) eds.Ikenga International Journal of AfricanStudies 14 (1).

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