Prof. Asogwa Paul Ukoro.

Department: Physics And Astronomy
Faculty: Physical Sciences
Designation : Senior Lecturer
Phone: +2348035364059

Publications (Articles and Journals):

1. U.C Uduh, R.M, Obodo, S. Esaenwi, C.L Amechi, P.U Asogwa, R.U Osuji and F.I Ezema (2014) “ sol-gel Synthesis, optical and Structural Characterization of ZrOs Nanopowder” journal of Sol-gel Science and Technology, (71), 79-85.

2. C.I Amechi, P.U Asogwa, A,B C Ekwealor, R.U Osuji, M. Maaza and F.I Ezema. (2014) “Fabrication and Capacitive of characteristics of conjugated polymer composite P-Polyaniline/n-wo3 Hetrojunction”. Journal of Applied Physics A, DO I 10.10007/s00339-014-859,9-5

3. P.U Asogwa (2011). “preparation of Cds: Fe Thin Films And The study of their Phase Formational and optical properties with post-Deposition Anneaning”. Chalcogenide Letters. Vol.8, No.3, March, P.199-206

4. S.C Ezugwu, F.I Ezema, P.U Asogwa, A.E Abuja, m.p Ogbu, and D.D.O Eya (2011). The Effect of Deposition Time on The structural and optical properties of Zno Thin Film by Aqueous chemical Growth Technique” Digest journal of Nanoparticles and Biostructure vol 6, No.3 july- September, p.1301-1310.

5. M.O Nwodo, S.C Ezema, F.I Ezema, R.U Osuji, P.U Asogwa (2011) “ Effect of Thermal Annealing on the optical and structural properties of pbO Thin Film” journal of Optoelectronics and Biomedical materials. Vol.3 Issue 4, oct –Dec. 2011, p.95-100.

6. S.C Ezugwu, P.U Asogwa, F.I Ezema, R,U Osuji.(2010) “synthesis and characterization of Co Doped cds Thin Films Growth within polymer Matrix by solution Growth Technique “. Journal of non-oxide Glasses. Vol.2, No.2, june, p.121-127.

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