Mr. Udeh Clifford Akabuilo.

Department: Architecture
Faculty: Environmental Studies
Designation : Senior Lecturer
Phone: +234(0)8033481815

Biography :

Clifford Akabuilo Udeh is an Architect and Urban design expert. He is a senior Lecturer in the department of Architecture, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. He is currently the Head of the Department since 2013 and was the associate Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Studies. Arc. Udeh C.A attended the Colliery Comprehensive Secondary School Ngwo, Enugu, Kent , State University, Ohio, U.S.A; University of the District of Columbia, Washington D.C, USA.

Arc Udeh is Chairman of many Commitees in the Department of Architecture, had been member of the University senate Research Grant Committee representing Faculty of Environmental Studies.

He has solely supervised over fifty (50) post graduate student  (Msc) degrees in Architecture at the University of Nigeria.

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