Dr. Mrs. Onyejegbu Maureen Nwando.

Department: Institute Of African Studies
Faculty: Institute Of African Studies
Designation : Research Fellow Grade I
Email: nwando.onyejegbu@unn.edu.ng
Phone: +234- (0)803-7669-722

Publications (Articles and Journals):
Onyejegbu, Maureen Nwando (2020), ‘African Ideology: Igbo Paremiology in Promoting Morals, Peace and Human Security’, In Journal of African Studies and Sustainable Development. ISSN: 2630-7065 (Print) 2630-7073 (e). Vol. 3 No. 5. 2020, Association for the Promotion of African Studies Onyejegbu, Maureen Nwando (2020), ‘The Relevance of History and Culture in Good Governance in Nigeria, In Journal Of Cudimac (J-Cudimac) ISSN 0794-4764 (Print) ISSN 2651- 6063 (Online) Vol.8.No.1 , September, 2020 Onyejegbu, Maureen Nwando (2019). ‘African Studies: The Museum’s Place in Cultural Literacy’ In Ikenga International Journal of the Institute of African Studies, Volume 19, No. 1, ISBN: 2006-4241, pages 132-142 Onyejegbu, Maureen Nwando (2019). ‘African Studies and Culture Promotion: Achievements and Future Prospects’, New Frontiers in Contemporary African Studies by Emeka Nwabueze, pages 74-86, ISBN : 978-022-311-8 Onyejegbu, Maureen Nwando (2019). ‘Migrations, Modern Day Slavery And African Identity In Contemporary Times: The Trend And The Danger’, Journal of African Studies and Sustainable Development Vol. 2 No 6, 2019. ISSN: 2630-073(Online) 2640-7065 Online Journal.; Also a book journal Publication pages 115-119 Onyejegbu, Maureen Nwando (2019). ‘Contemporary African Studies: Foundation For Solidifying African History’, in Ikoro Journal of Contemporary African Studies, volume 13 no 2, August 2019, ISSN 0046-859-2, Pages 206-216 Onyejegbu, Maureen Nwando & Emejulu, Ifeyinwa (eds) (2019). ‘Problems And Prospects Of Museums In Nigeria: The Case of National Museum, IgboUkwu, Anambra State’ In The Smoldering Bloom: A Festschrift In Honour of Dr. Fred Anozie, pages 92 -105, ISBN 978-2754-03-X Onyejegbu, Maureen Nwando (2018). ‘Traditional Leadership In Contemporary Igbo Society: The Onitsha-Ado Paradigm’ In Ikoro Journal of Contemporary African Studies, Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Volume 10, Nos. 1&2, ISSN: 0046-859- 2, pages 106-118 Onyejegbu, Maureen Nwando (2018).‘ (2018). ‘Chinua Achebe and African Ideology: A Discourse on Igbo Use of Symbolic Words, Proverbs And Objects in Arrow Of God Novel’ In: Emeka Nwabueze (Ed) Chinua Achebe and the Convolutions of Immortality: Reassessing the Writer in Relation to New Realities, ISBN: 978-978-55362-1-4, Enugu: Timex Publishers, pages 290-300 Onyejegbu, Maureen Nwando (2018).‘ African History and Literature: The Roles of Chinua Achebe And Wole Soyinka In Promoting Nigerian History’. In: Nwabueze, Emeka (ed.). Wole Soyinka and the Poetics of Commitment. Enugu: CNC Publications, ISBN: 978-022-310-X, pages 95-105 Onyejegbu, Maureen Nwando (2018).‘Igbo Amaka: The Ritual of the Kola nut: Discourse Among the Igbo’, Ikoro Journal of Contemporary African Studies, Volume 11, December, pages 174-184, ISSN: 0046-859-2 Onyejegbu, Maureen Nwando (2017).‘Sexuality and Gender Expressions In Some Cultural Objects in Igbo Traditional Society In Emeka Nwabueze, (Ed.) Sexuality and Culture in Postcolonial Africa, Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN: 978-3-330-08446-9, Pages 161-171 Onyejegbu, Maureen Nwando (2014).‘ Cultural Heritage And Tourism Development In Nigeria Towards Maximizing Museum Potentials, Journal Of Tourism And Heritage Studies Volume 3, No. 2, published by the Association of Tourism Development in Nigeria, March, pages 46 – 59, Online


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