Dr. Mrs. Ekwenye Ogechi Clementina.

Department: Geology
Faculty: Physical Sciences
Designation : Senior Lecturer
Email: ogechi.ekwenye@unn.edu.ng
Phone: +234815 5190 435

Publications (Articles and Journals):

Mode A. W., Chikezie P. A., Ekwenye O. C., Anyiam O. A., Okwara I. C. 2017. Sedimentary facies analysis and seismic interpretation of deep-water reservoirs, “PAC” Field, Offshore depobelt, Niger Delta Basin. Arabian Journal of Geosciences 10, 548.  DOI 10.1007/s12517-017-3336-y

Ekwenye, O. C., Nichols, G. J., Okogbue, C. O., Dim, C. I. P., and Onyemesili, O. C. 2017. Facies architecture and reservoir potential of a macrotidal estuarine system: Eocene Ameki group, south-eastern Nigeria, in: Onuoha, K. M. (ed.) Advances in petroleum geoscience research in Nigeria. Pp 369-405. Chapter 20, ISBN 978-1-4276 5590-5

Ekwenye, O. C., Nichols, G., Nwajide, S.C., Obi, G.C., and Onyemesili, O. C. 2017 An insight into the Eocene tide-dominated estuarine system: implications for palaeoenvironmental and sequence stratigraphic interpretations. Arabian Journal of Geosciences 10, 371. DOI 10.1007/s12517-017-3150-6

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Ekwenye, O.C., Nichols, G., Okogbue, C.O. and Mode, A.W. 2016. Trace fossil assemblages in the tide-dominated estuarine system: Ameki Group, south-eastern Nigeria.  J. of African Earth Sci., 118, 284-300.

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