2018 Homecoming and International Conference



2018 Homecoming and International Conference

The Department of Sociology & Anthropology University of Nigeria, Nsukka, is the first of its kind to be established in Nigeria. Thanks to the foresight of the founders of the premier university, the Department came into being the same time as its mother institution. It was one of the first steps that were taken to prepare the new nation state for the task of self-governance after the Independence from Britain in 1960. Naturally the Department has produced more graduates than any other department of sociology in West Africa. It has gone on to produce another department, namely the Department of Social Work, in this university, and is in the process of nurturing a sub-unit to be specialized in security studies and criminology.

We are organizing a Homecoming of alumni of the Department worldwide, to take place 24 – 27 April this year (2018). It will be the second in the life of this Department. The first was at the turn of the century. Homecoming is always a period of celebration of the accomplishments of the Department and a stocktaking so as to plan on taking the pace-making Department to higher levels. There are always new frontiers for a dynamic academic department to aspire to.

We invite friends of the Department to celebrate with us and are glad to say that some of the most distinguished personages in the academia and public life of this country and overseas have accepted to join s on that occasion.

The theme of the homecoming is:

Sociology and Social Engineering in the 21st Century: The Nigerian Case

The sub-themes are:

  • Corruption
  • Terrorism and National Security
  • Social Institutions
  • Quota System and Federal Character in Nigeria
  • Economic Recession
  • Democratic Culture in Nigeria
  • Herdsmen and Farmers Conflict in Nigeria


Abstracts of not more than 200 words should reach the organizers on the following email address on or before 7 April 2018. Email: peter-jazzy.ezeh@unn.edu.ng; godwin.chukwumezie@unn.edu.ng