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Utility Section

Utility Section

Utility in its real definition would be the services such gas and electricity given or supplied to individual or an estate or community. For the purpose of division of labor and effective services, Utility section in Works Department, UNN includes: Sewage, Road, Water Generation and Water distribution and does not include electricity. Their responsibilities are:

Sewage unit: This unit takes care of repairs, services and maintenance of the sewer lines, sewage plant that was design as central treatment facility for University campus, taking advantage of slopped terrain.  They also take care of other jobs related to sewage such as septic tank and soaks away services maintenance and repairs.

Road unit: The Road Unit is in-charge of maintaining the roads, building of same, construction and maintenance of the drains that carry storm water etc

Water generation unit: This is in-charge of generating water from boreholes, and storing them into reservoirs.

Water distribution unit: This unit takes charge of distributing water from the reservoirs through pipes to the buildings and other infrastructures as the need arises, and other repairs and services therein.


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