This is to advise all our esteemed staff and students to desist from recklessly giving out their Portal details to cyber café attendants who do not understand what privacy entails.

Your portal details are personal to you and should be treated as such. Any complaints with regards to password change, profile adjustments and all such by unknown individuals will be to the detriment of the affected staff and student.

Security tips

  • Anyone who patronizes cybercafés with questionable characters does so at his/her own risk.
  • Be careful on your choice of passwords. Do not use year, birthdays, names and so on. In your choice of password, use a combination of alphabets and figures.
  • Never allow any system to remember your password.
  • When logging into your account, uncheck the box that keeps you signed in.
  • When leaving the internet, never forget to sign out of your account.
  • Never open/run any application you did not open.
  • Be careful of mails requesting your bank details or card details.
  • Never disclose your account number, BVN No or any personal detail to anyone.
  • Never open suspicious mails with “questionable subject”.

Be your own Security watch. Keep your Portal details safe today.