Legal Unit


The Legal Unit of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office was established to cater for the increasing legal needs and or problems of the University. Thus because of the needs to advise the University Administration on the legal needs of the University and the increasing litigation arising from Staff , Students of the University and others individuals or bodies, the establishment of what is today known and or called “ Legal Unit” was nurtured. The University, from inception, had always retained a private Legal Practitioner to handle its day-to-day litigation in Court. He is usually not directly involved in the in-house legal problems of the University. The Legal Personnel (i.e Lawyers)in the Unit oversee the running of the in- house legal problems of the University.

Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Unit

a)Â Â Â Assist in handling all legal matters affecting the University;
b)Â Â Â To assist the University in providing sound legal advice that will enhance the corporate existence of the University.
c)Â Â Â Prompt action on all legal problems of the University to reduce to the barest minimum, cost and legal embarrassment;
d)Â Â Â Incorporation of some Companies for the University;
e)Â Â Â Efficient and effective legal instrumentation on business relationships between the University and outside world;
f)Â Â Proper documentation of leases and tenancies for effective income generation to the University;
g)Documentation of MOU’s and other related instruments for Local, national and
international co-operative understanding and collaboration on academic and non-academic matters.

To ensure that MOU’s and Lease Documents and or Instruments are reviewed/renewed as appropriate and in consonance with the prevailing Laws of the Land.

Internally Generated Fund from payments to be made for drafting of instruments and leases.

To ensure that all acts of indiscipline on the part of both the workers and the students are adequately rewarded by recommending appropriate punishment or sanctions.

To ensure that prompt action is taken by the University administration in determining cases of staff and students indiscipline in line with the prevailing rules of the University.

To ensure that the rules and regulations of the University are applied to all categories of persons in the University.

Duties of the Unit

a)Â Â Â To take charge of all legal matters in the University and or in liaison with the University Solicitors.
b)Â Â Â To draft all legal instruments affecting the University.
c)Â Â Â Provision of day-to-day legal advice to the University.
d)Â Â Â Membership/Secretary-ship of some University Ad-Hoc Committees.
e)Â Â Â Secretary-ship of University owned Companies.
f)Â Â Â Any other function that may be assigned to the Unit either by the Vice-Chancellor or any other arm of the University on legal matters


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