Women’s Health Research Initiative (WHRI)


Name of Research Group: Women’s Health Research Initiative (WHRI)

Research Focus: Review and Analysis of issues that affect women’s health. This is hinged on an avalanche of empirical and anecdotal statements in many areas that directly and indirectly relate to women’s health which can generate research interest resulting in evidence-based results that should enrich the existing body of knowledge or be isolated for independent research in new fields.

Research Topics:

  1. A nomogram of the serum progesterone levels in normal pregnancy in the African race (Principal Investigator[PI]: Dr Ezenkwele E.P)
  2. Comparison of diagnostic accuracy between transvaginal ultrasound and saline infusion sonohysterography in women with uterine cavity lesions (PI: Dr Ezenkwele E.P)
  3. Low dose naltrexone in infertility(PI: Dr Ezenkwele E.P)
  4. Comparison of diagnostic accuracy between hysterosalpingogram and saline infusion sonohysterography in uterine/tubal factor infertility (PI: Dr Ezenkwele E.P)
  5. The role of metabolic syndrome in maternal morbidity and mortality-community-based study(PI: Dr Iyoke C.A)
  6. Scope, perception and factors associated with stillbirths(PI: Dr Iyoke C.A)
  7. The role of dietary and hereditary factors in uterine fibroid- a community-based study(PI: Dr Iyoke C.A)
  8. Plasma glucose patterns during pregnancy in the Nigerian female (PI: Dr Osegbe I.D)
  9. The association between epidermal growth factor and fibroids in women of reproductive age in Enugu (PI: Dr Osegbe I.D)
  10. Fertility hormone profile in females with endometriosis (PI: Dr Osegbe I.D)
  11. Screening for Ovarian cancer in at risk group in Enugu using bimanual examination, transvaginal ultrasound measurement of ovarian volume and serum ca125 (PI: Dr Nwankwo T.O)
  12. Psychological, socioeconomic and sexual challenges in patients and their spouses following reproductive organ cancer diagnosis (PI: Dr Nwankwo T.O)
  13. VIA and colposcopy compared to routine pap smear in screening for cerviacal cancer among HIV positive patient in Enugu(PI: Dr Nwankwo T.O)
  14. The outcome of dieting for weight control during pregnancy as prophylaxis against fetal macrosmia in overweight and obesed pregnant women in Enugu (PI: Dr Nwankwo T.O)
  15. The role of diagnostic hysteroscope before and after myomectomy (PI: Prof H.U Ezegwui)
  16. Randomised controlled trial of tranexamic acid in myomectomy (PI: Prof H.U Ezegwui)
  17. Correlation between Gender based violence and positive HIV test result in women attending Antenatal Clinic (PI: Dr C.L.C Onyekonwu)
  18. Specific HPV Subtypes in female patients presenting to the gynecological clinic with condyloma acuminate (PI: Dr C.L.C Onyekonwu)
  19. Prevalence of cutaneous metastasis in patients presenting with breast cancer (PI: Dr C.L.C Onyekonwu)
  20. The role of progesterone in preterm labour (PI: Dr Ezeome I.V)
  21. The feasibility of fertility awareness methods of birth control- why and how (PI: Dr Ezeome I.V)
  22. Relationship between body mass index and endometrial plate thickness (PI: Dr Iloanusi N.I)
  23. Utility of mammography in breast cancer detection: A review of mammograms in UNTH from 2007 to date (PI: Dr Iloanusi N.I)
  24. Discursive construction of patients with gynaecological cancers (PI: Akinsanmi O.O)
  25. Breast Cancer awareness, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship in developed and developing countries (PI: Akinsanmi O.O)



Prof B.C Ozumba

Prof H.U Ezegwui

Dr Ezeome

Dr C.A Iyoke

Dr T.O Nwankwo

Dr I.D Osegbe

Dr C.L.C Onyekonwu

Dr N.I Iloanusi

Dr C.A Onoka (Medical Statistician of WHRI)

Akinsanmi O.O (Oncology Nurse)

Dr EP Ezenkwele (Coordinator of WHRI)