Submission Of Close Out Report/Financial Retirement On TETFUND IBR INTERVENTION{An Update and Reminder}



  To: All TETFund IBR beneficiaries                                                             From: TETFUND COMMITTEE

  Our Ref: UN/RC.250/TFC/BR/3                                                                        Date:      10th June, 2019





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The above listed publications serve as evidence of effective and proper utilization of IBR grant to staff. Nevertheless, a lot still needs to be done in this regards.

TETFund Committee, UNN is presently in the process of making returns to TETFund Abuja on the IBR Intervention disbursements.


All staff beneficiaries are hereby required to carefully note the completion dates of their approved research projects and promptly comply with the following attendant conditions of the award if they have not already done so.

  1. Submit their close out reports complete with financial retirement of funds released.
  2. Submit publications emanating from their research projects (in all cases, TETFund must be duly acknowledged).
  3. Please note that your response must reach TETFund office within 2 weeks of publication of this notice. Failure to comply will attract necessary sanctions including recovery of the released funds without further notice.
  4. A list of defaulters will be published on the UNN website at the expiration of the deadline without further notification.




Prof. Anene, B. M.

Chairman   TETFund Committee/TETFund Desk Officer