Drug Delivery and Nanomedicines Research Group has existed informally since 1998. The main objective of the research group has been to promote pharmaceutical researches that would translate to market and bedside. However, this objective has not been realized because of paucity of research materials and equipment and lack of incentives. It is strongly envisaged and believed that formalization of this research group would take it to the next level where collaboration with other experts from different institutions nationally and internationally will help it realize its objective. A brief information about the group in presented below.

Research Focus

1. Synthesis and characterization   of novel micro/ nano-particulate drug delivery systems. Therapeutic targets are poverty related diseases (PRDs) such as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and malaria, etc. Neglected diseases such as Chagas disease, Leishmaniasis, trypanosomiasis (human African trypanosomiasis –HAT), etc.
2. Study of interaction of micro/nanoparticulate drug delivery vectors with biological membrane with a view to promoting dermal and transdermal delivery of drugs.
3. Evaluation of transmembranal transport of nanostructured drug delivery constructs using model systems to facilitate translation of innovations to the final consumer: the patient.
4. Visualization  of nanovectors and their interaction with  biological  membranes using polarized light microscopy  and other imaging techniques
5. Screening of local plant materials for novel biopolymers for use as materials for the formulation of nanoparticles.
6. Strategies aimed at harnessing  new druggable compounds from medicinal plants as well as use of nanoparticulate platforms for delivery of  active pharmaceutical  ingredients derived from plants
7.Development of local raw materials/pharmaceutical excipients for the local industry.

Some proposed topics

1. Preparation, characterization and evaluation of drug delivery applications of nanocellulose derived from Agricultural waste materials
2. Preparation, characterization and wound healing potential of electrosprun cellulose whiskers.
3. Preparation, solid state characterization and evaluation of skin penetration of structured phytolipids.
4. Mechanochemical evaluation of modified locally available starches.

5. Preparation, characterization of self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems containing hybrid materials derived from local biomass.
6. Improved  delivery of  potent anticancer and antimalarial phytomedicines using nanomedicinal approaches
7. The long hard road from preformulation of nanomedicines to Proof-of-concept studies of ethosomes  and other vesicular drug delivery vectors
8. Development of mosquito repellent topical formulations using natural repellants.

Partners & Collaborators

Partners and collaborators shall be drawn from all over the globe utilizing the existing informal collaboration of members of this group with different universities where they have spent some useful research stays as postdocs or visiting researchers. Partners shall also be drawn from pharmaceutical industries locally and internationally.

Composition of group

1. Prof. A. A. Attama Coordinator.
2. Prof. K. C. Ofokansi.
3. Dr. P. O. Nnamani.
4. Dr. P. A. Akpa.
5. Dr. E. B. Onuigbo.
6. Mr. D. Okechukwu.
7. Dr. M. A. Momoh.
8. F. C. Kenechukwu.
9. J. D. N. Ogbonna.
10. Joy Achuam.
11. Adaeze Onugwu.
12. Dr. C. Agubata.
13. S. A. Chime.
14. C. Ugwu.
15. Ogo Umeh.
16. Dr. M.  Ubaka.
17. Dr. M. Agbo.
18. Mr C. Onyeto.
19. Mr S. Ezea.
20. Prof. J. Ihedioha.
21. Dr. F.I. Ezema.
22. Dr. Charles Nwuche.
23. Dr. S. O. O. Eze.
24. Dr. Onyishi.
25. Mr. F. Idoko.
26. Dr. G. I. Idoko.