Biometrics, Image Processing and Computing Research Group (BIPCRG)

Group name: Biometrics, Image Processing and Computing Research Group (BIPCRG)
Coordinator: Dr. Ogechukwu N. Iloanusi
Phone: +234-806-5836279
Research Focus
There are acute problems in Nigeria that affect the health, security and welfare of our citizens that can be optimally solved using technological means. The objective of the Biometric, Image Processing and Computing research group is to carry out timely research in biometrics, image processing, software algorithms, software development and hardware systems geared towards solving these critical problems for national development and improved standard of living.
The major areas of our research are:
1. Biometrics:
 Biometric-based security, access control and authentication
 Biometrics in Electronic Health Care
 Biometric systems: verification and identification systems.
 Multi-modal biometrics
2. Image processing
 Image processing, enhancement and restoration
 Image analysis and development of new techniques for better understanding of tomographic images
 Biometric image processing
 Satellite image processing
3. Computing
 Data Mining and Knowledge-base systems
 Fuzzy logic, expert systems and embedded Systems
 Software development
 Web security
Membership in Biometrics, Image Processing and Computing Research Group
1. Dr. Ogechukwu N. Iloanusi – Research group leader (Faculty member)
2. Dr. George E. Okereke (Faculty of Physical Sciences member)
3. Dr. Uche A. Nnolim (Faculty member)
4. Engr. Ijeoma O. Okeke (Faculty member)
5. Engr. Martin Eze (Faculty member)
6. Engr. Chima Eke (Faculty member)
7. Engr. Hyacinth Ali (Faculty member)
8. Engr. Samuel Olisa  (Faculty member
9. Engr. Uche Aronu (Faculty member and graduate student)
10. Mr. Samuel Ezichi  (Graduate student)
11. Mr. Edmund Ajimah (Graduate student)
12. Mr. Walter. Ohagwu (Graduate student)
13. Engr. Prof. C. C. Osuagwu (Faculty member and Research Mentor)