Population ageing is not limited to any continent alone. It is a global phenomenon. In Nigeria, the population of older adults is rising steadily. For example, available data show that the population of older adults 60 years and above was 8.8 million in 2012 and will be 28 million in 2050 (United Nations, 2012). Population growth trends in Nigeria show a steady increase in the percentage and absolute number of older persons.
A likely consequence of an ageing population is increase in some special area of needs. However, the special needs of this growing population of the elderly has not been addressed by the larger society. This is because most often there is no information on what these special needs are neither are aware of how to tackle these needs. Consequently, there will be an increasing need for research in the area of ageing.
In this regard, this research group called Applied Gerontology Research Group is envisaged to provide an interdisciplinary platform for conducting research in various aspects of ageing. This will serve as a source for transmitting information to all segments of the society that are involved in ageing issues or will be affected by population ageing.
Statement of intent and focus
The research group is being formed with a view to attracting research grants and conducting researches in the area of Applied Gerontology. It is hoped that the research to be conducted will not be limited to any particular area of Applied Gerontology. Researches in such areas as social support, physical and mental health, care-giving, retirement and pensions, gender issues etc as it relates to ageing will be carried out
Some proposed research topics
a. Transition from traditional to an urban society in Nigeria: implications for social support for older adults in Nigeria.
b. Intergenerational transfer and principle of reciprocity in care-giving for the elderly in Nigeria:
c. Climate change and older adults in Nigeria
d. Displacement and older adults in Nigeria.

Members of the research group
All members of the group are from the Department of Social Work

1. Dr Uzoma Okoye- Coordinator, Senior Lecturer
2. Dr Perpetua Tanyi Member, Lecturer 1
3. Dr Chris Ngwu Member, Lecturer 1
4. Mr Okala Uche Member, Lecturer 11
5. Mrs Obianuju Agbawodikeizu Member, Assistant Lecturer
6. Mr Obinna Ebimgbo Member, Graduate Assistant