Acoustic Research Group

Acoustic Research Group

The name of this research group is acoustic research group. It will undertake those research activities geared towards the elimination or reduction of noise (unwanted or annoying sound). Similarly, it will also pursue those researches that can pave the way for the enhancement of needful sound. This can be seen in the area of speech recognition, particularly in learning environments as well as enhancing sound perception for those with hearing impairment. In the area of bioacoustics, research is channelled towards harnessing sound as a natural resource to make man and the environment better.

Research focus

Generally, our research focus is on managing sound in such a way that it helps man rather than mar him. As a team or teams, we target at employing novel ways of reducing unwanted noise in the society while enhancing sound that is necessary for human existence.

Some Research Areas

  1. Speech recognition
  2. Noise policies
  3. Music and entertainment
  4. Noise abatement
  5. Noise and vibration

Coordinator of the group: Joy Oluchi Uguru (Associate Professor)

 Composition of the group

The group is made up of scholars from such fields where sound is studied or plays some roles. Our members are drawn from the following departments: Linguistics, Music, Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering, Computer Science, Crop Science, Survey and Fine arts. There is still room for more people from other related fields to join as acoustics covers various fields. Presently, the composition of the group is as follows:

  1. Speech/communication acoustics research group

This group is made up of the following:

  1. Joy Oluchi Uguru (Associate professor)
  2. Evelyn Mba (Senior Lecturer)
  3. Chukwuma Okeke (Lecturer I)
  4. Chioma Akaeze (Lecturer I)
  5. Ahamefula Ndubisi (Assistant Lecturer)
  6. Benita Odii (Assistant Lecturer)
  7. Juliana Eze (Postgraduate student)

Musical acoustics research group This group is made up of the following:

  1. Ikenna Onwuegbuna (Senior Lecturer)
  2. Samuel K. Chukwu (Senior Lecturer)
  3. Keke (Senior Lecturer)
  4. Elizabeth Onyeji (Lecturer II)

Bioacoustics research group

  1. Michael Uguru (Professor)

Engineering acoustics

  1. Willie I. Okonkwo (Professor)

Computational/communication acoustics

  1. Deborah Ebem (Senior Lecturer)

Environmental acoustics research group

  1. Oliver Ojinnaka (Professor)
  2. Nonso Uzoagba (Assistant Lecturer)


Details of the members can be seen in their attached curriculum vitae.