Mrs. Onovo, Calister Chinwendu

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Name: Mrs. Onovo, Calister Chinwendu

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Phone Number: 0803-778-8337

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Institute of African Studies,
University of Nigeria
Enugu, Nigeria. 410001

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Onovo, Calister Chinwendu is a member of staff of the Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria. Her areas of reach interest are multidisciplinary with special concern on Adult Education and Public Administration. She had teaching experience in various schools at the secondary school level after her NCE and B.Ed programmes respectively. She holds two distinctive masters degrees in both Public Administration and Adult Education/Administration. Onovo has attended a number of workshops and seminars organized by reputable organizations. She has served at the different departments of University of Nigeria in many capacities. She is also at the moment a Board member, Prof. Barth Nnaji Scholarship Foundation and Treasurer, Christian Women Organization (CWO), Nsukka and Enugu. Currently, she is doing a research on possible ways to checkmate assesses of extremism now ravaging the country (terrorism).

Philosophy: In a world characterised by insecurity of multiple dimensions at both domestic and international levels, the widening gap of injustice and inequality any where is not only a threat to humanity but further step to consolidating global insecurity.