Nigeria Journal of Public Administration and Local Government

Nigeria Journal of Public Administration and Local Government


1.The names of the editors and editorial board are Mrs Sylvia Agu Ph.D, Prof Rose Onah,Prof Fab Onah, Prof Chika Oguonu, Prof O.U Nnadozie, Drs Christopher Agalamanyi, Anthony Onyishi,,Profs Kunle Awotokun, I.A Madu, .F.C Okoli,C.Ofuebe,J.C.Okoye,Adejo Odo 

  1. The current address of the Journal is Department of Public Administration and local Government, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

3Scope-It publishes original research and critical reviews on issues in the formulation, implementation and analysis of policies in public administration and local government in developing transition and advanced economies.
4. Previous  issue of the journal is volume 1-16 and the current issue is volume 17 .

  1. Current website of the journal is
  2. current publisher of the journal is the university printing press.

7.Strenghts and weaknesses of the journal are- The journal is a veritable tool for integrating administrative challenges in the public and private sector. The weak visibility hinders wider submission of articles for consideration

Again, the article is not indexed by Thomson Reuters.

  1.  Opportunities and threats-It generates fund for the department and exposes readers and authors to the field public administration.
  2. Strategies to enhance the capacity of the journal- The strategies taken are to make the journal  regular and to ensure that it is indexed by Thomson Reuters