Microfinance and Small Business Development Research Group (MFSBDRG)

Research Focus:
To investigate the nature and relevance of
microfinance to small business performance and development in Nigeria.

Title of Most Recent Research Project: Stemming the Tide of Microfinance Bank
Failures in Nigeria for Sustainable Microbusiness Development: A Pilot Study of
Enugu State

Name of the Coordinator: Dr. Obiamaka P. Egbo

UNN email address of the RG: mfsbd.researchgroup@unn.edu.ng

UNN email address of the Coordinator: obiamaka.egbo@unn.edu.ng

Current webpage of the RG: https://www.unn.edu.ng/microfinance-and-small-business-development-research-group-mfsbdrg/

Phone number of the RG:

Phone Number of the Coordinator: 08033158694

Base Faculty/Institute/Center: Faculty of Business Administration

Department of the Coordinator: Banking and Finance