Institute of African Studies – History


Original Mandate or Vision of the Institute:

To operate as a research and Post-graduate teaching center with emphasis on all aspects of life and the culture of Africans.

Specific Aims or Mission of the Institute:

  • A serious study of Nigerian societies and cultures with particular emphasis on the peoples of the south-eastern states.
  • Providing research opportunities and experience to young Nigerian scholars and others.
  • Providing an institutional base for visiting Africans from other universities.
  • Creating and sustaining an academic environment in which scholarly enterprises can flourish and interdisciplinary efforts promoted and regarded.
  • Building up institutional resources such as a research library, museum, art gallery, Cinema studio and visual library etc, in support of the University’s research and teaching functions.
  • Supporting a publications programme that gives visibility to the works of the Institute and also other activities sponsored by it.

List of Directors (1963-2012):

Name Tenure
Prof. W.L. Hansberry (non-resident Director) 1963-64
Prof. E.W. Blyden III (Political Scientist) 1964-66
Dr. S.N. Nwabara (Historian) acting 1966-71
Dr. A.E. Afigbo (Historian) acting 1971-72
Prof. S.N. Nwabara 1972-81
Prof. D.I. Nwoga (English) 1981-84
Prof. Uche Okeke (Fine/Applied Arts) 1984-86
Prof. C.C. Aniakor (Fine/ Applied Arts) 1986-88
Prof. S.A. Ekwelie (Mass Communication) 1988-89
Prof. A.E. Afigbo 1989-92
Prof. I.T.K. Egonu 1992-96
Prof. O.U. Kalu (Religion) 1996-98
Prof. O.O. Enekwe (Theatre Arts/ Film Studies) 1998-04
Prof. Aloy Ohaegbu 2004-06
Prof. Emeka Otagburuagu (English) 2006-10
Prof. Sam Onuigbo (English)    2010-

History of the Directors of the Institute of African studies, University of Nigeria Nsukka