The notion of sustainable development has become a vital subject in the global narratives about intergenerational thinking and projections towards a hospitable and equitable society. As such, the concept has come to take a centre stage in the policies of most nations in recent times. This concept has been identified as a road-map, an action plan for achieving sustainability in any activity that uses resources, and where immediate and intergenerational replication is demanded. This is most pertinent as the problems of economic, social, and environmental changes place the world in the middle of many crossroads. Hence, new frontiers of scientific, economic, social, and environment related knowledge continue to emerge in ways that advance new human passions and curiosities. To grapple with the many facets of sustainable developments around the world, especially in developing countries, passions and curiosities must form the bedrock for cooperative responsibility and actions. Efforts in this direction can benefit from well-rounded interdisciplinary research approach to sustainable development.
It is against this background that the Initiative for Global Development Research Group (IGDRG) was formed. The IGDRG is an interdisciplinary research group designed to promote collaborative and interdisciplinary oriented research at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The focus of the research group is to identify key developmental areas that require sustainability especially in Nigeria and Africa, analyse their problem(s), and proffer solutions to them using innovative and creative ideas derived from evidence-based research. There is need for sustainable practices in all sectors of the economy. An activity is said to be sustainable if, for all practical purposes, it can continue forever. Incidentally, the term sustainable is now being employed in almost all disciplines such that we now have terms as; sustainable economy, sustainable society, sustainable governance, sustainable agriculture, sustainable industrial practices, sustainable business ethics etc. It is no longer an uncommon knowledge that changes in the integrated approach to social, economic and environmental issues have not really facilitated the developmental goals in Nigeria. For instance, problems such as poverty, flooding, ethnicity, environmental pollution, corruption, attitudes and lopsided income distribution are on the increase.
In view of these challenges, it is necessary to explore the linkages between the economic, social and environmental determinants of sustainable development, with a view to addressing some of the constraining and emerging issues. What these means is that the society requires more professional researches from different fields that integrate a wide corpus of scientific, economic, social, environmental, agricultural and development issues.
This research group is made up of experienced researchers and young academics from nine different faculties of the University of Nigeria. The faculties include Agriculture, Arts, Education, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences.
The research group consists of the following members:
1. S.I. Madueme Professor Coordinator Ph. D Economics
2. E.E. Okonkwo Senior Lecturer Member Ph. D Archaeology and Tourism
3. A.A. Enete  Senior Lecturer Member Ph.D Agricultural Economics
4. I.C. Mba Lecturer 1 Member Ph.D Economics
5. N. Ibezim Lecturer 1 Member Ph.D Vocational Education
6. C.A. Omeke Lecturer 1 Member M.B., B.S Medicine and Surgery
7. E.I. Mba Lecturer 1 Member M.Sc Statistics
8. C. Onah Lecturer 1 Member M.Sc Pharmaceutical Chemistry
9. S.U. Anaduaka Assistant Lecturer Member M.Sc Economics
10. A.P. Nnaji Assistant Lecturer Member M.Sc Agricultural Economics
11. V.I. Nnetu Assistant Lecturer Member M.Sc Economics
12. E.S. Aguegbo Graduate Assistance Member B.Sc Economics
13. I.Ukwuaba Graduate Assistance Member B.Agric Agricultural Economics
14. M. Ifiorah Graduate Assistance Member B.Agric Agricultural Economics
15. E. Uzochukwu Graduate Assistance Member B.Sc Statistics
16. E.V. Madueme Graduate Assistance Member B.Eng Electrical Engineering
17. E.J. Ihemezie Graduate Assistance Secretary B.Agric Agricultural Economics
The group meets regularly to present research proposals, work in progress, and discuss researchable topical issues around sustainable development. Themes to be addressed in this proposed research include, but not limited to Sustainable Economy, Sustainable Governance, Sustainable Agriculture Practices, Sustainable Business Ethics, Industrial Site Management and Sustainability, Heritage Resources Management, Engineering Practices, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Medical and Surgical Practices.
Members of the Initiative for Global Development Research Group (IGDRG) have participated and still participate in various individual and collective research programmes in areas not limited to development, resource and environmental economics, environmental managements, energy economics, agricultural development, environmental impact assessment, baseline studies, climate change and adaptation, community development, industrial site management, medical innovations and surgical practices, social behavious etc. Members have published some of these studies in high impact journals.
c/o Professor (Mrs.) Stella I. Madueme,
Department of Economics
University of Nigeria, 410001 Nsukka
Enugu State, Nigeria.
Tel: +234 806 557 6512