Statement of Intent/Justification
The complexities of the built environment have proven a challenge to the idea and achievement of sustainability particularly in the tropics. The dynamic nature of the geo-ecological processes and the human dimensions of the tropical built environment is the least studied hence poorly understood. As intensive locations for flows of physical resources, capital, ideas and services, the built environments are notable spaces for local and international competitive relationships that cause significant disruption of natural landscapes.
Creating a harmonious relationship between the built and natural environment with the available resources, the inhabitants and their future needs is important.
Research Focus
The Research group focuses on creating a deeper understanding of theoretical developments, policies and practices that serve the need for advancing a greener future. The group adopts an interdisciplinary approach in exploring challenging issues that require discourses and practices of privilege to the tropical environment.
Research Topics
Topics include –tropical architectural design; thermal comfort and ventilation; land use management systems; transportation development; housing and neighbourhood development; urban design and landscape planning; informality and urban growth; fossil fuel subsidy; sustainable real estate development; climate change; green valuation; water resources management.
Composition of the Research Group
The group is composed of scholars from Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning and Estate Management.
1.      Dr (Arc) Francis O. Uzuegbunam –Dept of Architecture (Coordinator)
Contact email ;
Phone 2348037093582
2.      Professor Joy Ogbazi- Dept of Urban and Regional Planning
3.      Dr Robert I. Egbenta – Dept of Estate Management
4.      Dr Uloma Jiburum – Dept of Urban and Regional Planning
5.      Dr Obinna J. Ubani – Dept of Urban and Regional Planning
6.      Dr Maxwell Nwachukwu – dept of Urban and Regional Planning
7.      Don C. Okeke – Dept of Urban and Regional Planning
8.      Mrs Cecilia N. Nwokolo – Dept of Estate Management