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                                Our Ref: UN/RC.250/TFC/BR/3                                                                                                                                                                       Date:      24th March, 2023



  1. The under listed applicants (55 Nos.) whose research proposals were selected and recommended to TETFund for funding under Institution-Based Research (IBR) Intervention are hereby notified that their funds are ready for disbursement.


  1. Please note that the amount disbursed represent 60% first tranche of the total cost of the project. The second tranche payment of 40% will only be released when the Researcher must have published at least one article from the findings of the research in any referred Journal with impact factor of at least 3 (three) and above, evidence of which should be submitted to TETfund.


  1. TETFund should be acknowledged as the sponsor of the research in a footnote in the first page of a paper citing the research project no. (TETF/DR&D/CE/UNI/NSUKKA/BR/2020/VOL.I)


  1. The Lead Researcher to open an IBR Bank account into which the funds will be credited.


  1. Quarterly progress reports by the researchers be forwarded to the Fund for monitoring purposes. The quarterly reports should be regularly submitted until the entire intervention is completed and closed out.


  1. Upon completion of the Research Projects, you are expected to forward to TETFund a close out/completion report (including copies of the financial receipts obtained in respect of the Research Projects). You are also required to forward three (3 Nos.) bound copies of the Research Report for the Research Project within three (3) months of completion.


  1. You should please insert in the application for release of approved fund a statement of commitment to fully comply with the above stated conditions.




S/No Research Title/Topic(s) No. of Co-Researchers Duration of Research Lead Researcher Amount Approved for Research Project(s)
1 Developing and testing of media literacy intervention for social protection of adult learners in River state: Post Covid-19 experience 3 5 Months Prof. S.C. Nwizu N1,967,040.00
2 The effect of different sources of indigenous micro-organism (IMO) solution and levels of inclusion on the growth and reproduction in crossbred (Landrace x Large White) pigs 3 12 Months Prof. Ndubuisi Machebe N1,998,280.00
3 Synergistic studies of the hematological activities of ethanolic extract of Telfaira occidentalis and Mucuna pruriens 2 12 Month Pharm Ugwu P.N N1,996,000
4 Achieving realizable land-based tax and internally generated revenue projections with the aid of relevant economic indices 1 12 Month Nwafor Ifeanyichukwu Valentine N1,000,000.00
5 Electrical Geophysical and Geospatial Investigations of Erosion/Flood Invasion: a tool for Managing and Mitigating Erosion/Flood Menace in the Nsukka Campus of University of Nigeria and its Environs Nill 12 Month Prof. Daniel N. Obiora N1,500,000.00
6 Development of high voltage polymer composites insulator using CaCo3– derived snail ash-particles 1 12 Month Engr. Sochima Vincent Egoigwe N1,915,000.00
7 Language use and the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in Igbo culture area 1 12 Months Dr. Crescentia Ugwuona N1,400,000.00
8 Assessment of microbiological water quality, incidence of enteric pathogens and microbial risks of selected rivers in South-East, Nigeria 1 12 Months Okorie, Chibundo Nweze N1,995,250.00
9 Fertility beliefs and attitudes towards assisted productivity technology/treatment among couples in Enugu state, Nigeria 1 10 Months Nwadike Ngozi Christiana N1,500.000.00
10 The development of progesterone nomogram in normal pregnancy for an African population 3 12 Months Dr Ezenkwelu, E.P N1,973,900.00
11 Characterization and comparative analysis of aluminum matrix composites reinforced with groundnut shells and egg shells. 2 12 Month Engr. Arize C. Igwe N1,908,200.00


Public perception of the impacts of IPOB sit-at-home order in Southeastern Nigeria 2 12 Months Dr. Chinwe Okpoko N2,000,000.00
13 Optimization of solar-biomass dryer for commercial postharvest agro-processing 4 18 Months Engr. Dr. E.C Okoroigwe N1,691,000.00
14 Collection development and documentation of Igbo literary works (1933 – 2021) 1 12 Months Dr. Ogechukwu U.F. Chukwuneke N1,850,000.00
15 Technological capabilities of extension personnel in the use of social media for agricultural service delivery in Southeast, Nigeria 1 12 Months Udoye, Charles Ekene N1,250,000.00
16 The positive effect of the use of hands-on instructional approach on primary five pupils’ achievement in cultural and creative arts in Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria. 3 11 Months Dr. Dike Ibiwari Caroline N1,500.000.00
17 The effect of bio-lignin on the flammability and physcio-mechanical properties of sawdust reinforced polymer composite 1 12 Month Prof. I.C Ezema Ike-Eze N1,988,000.00
18 Development and performance evaluation of smart cassava tuber bioreactor (fermenter) 4 12 Month Prof. Gabriel Ifeanyi Okafor N1,650,000.00
19 Molecular characterization of accessions treculla varieties in Southern Nigeria using internal transcribed spacer regions 1 AND 2 (ITS 1 AND 1TS 2) 1 12 Month Prof. F.I. Akaneme N1,973,057.00
20 Development and evaluation of polymeric coated based microparticles for oral delivery of insulin 3 6 Months Prof. Mumuni A. Momoh N1,720,000.00
21 Design and development of Novel Frictional Automobile brake pad with high wear and heat resistance from polymer based ternary nanocomposites 1 15 Month Engr. Prof. V.S. Aigbodian N1,700,000.00
22 Effects of multiple La Sote vaccinations on the atrophy of the lymphoid organs associated with velogenicNewcatle disease virus infection in pullets 3 12 Months Dr (Mrs) Omeke Jacinta N. N1,500,000.00
23 The hepatoprotective effect of parinarikerstingi on acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity in albino rats 1 12 Months Dr. Patric E. Aba 1,852,500.00
24 The socio-economic and political development of Igboland: The example of kinsmen in Nsukka cultural area 3 12 Months Dr.(Mrs.) Jumoke Oloidi N1,800.000.00
25 Inventorization and assessment of institutional childcare centers for vulnerable children in Southeast Nigeria 4 6 Months Prof. Fab O. Onah N2,000.000.00
26 Social Semiotic metafunctions in selected alcohol print discourses in Southeast, Nigeria Nill 12 Months Ifeyinwa David-Ojukwu N1,500,000.00
27 Growth, oxidative status, nutrient digestibility and intestinal morphology in two meat-type chickens supplemented with lysolecithin 3 12 Months Prof Augustine O. Ani N2,000,000.00
28 Development of adult education programme for information provision to rural farmers for climate change adaptation in South East, Nigeria 3 5 Months Dr. A.D. Agbo N1,985,900.00
29 Comprehensive geotechnical evaluation of problematic foundation soils in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka 2 12 Months Prof Ogbonnaya Igwe N2,000,000.00
30 Development and performance evaluation of a fermented cassava extractor 2 12 Months Rev. Fr. Engr. Dr. Edward Anoliefo N1,798,000.00
31 Molecular characterization of malaria causal agents and anti-malaria drugs resistance in Abakaliki and Nsukka South Eastern Nigeria 2 12 Months Prof. Ifeoma Maureen Ezeonu N1,773,200.00
32 Expression of candidate gene polymorphisms with growth traits of two Nigerian local cattle (Mutu cross and white Fulani) breeds fed graded level of mixed grass silage and probiotics 2 12 Months Dr (Mrs) OhagenyiIfemma Justina N1,994,000.00
33 Investigation of the anti-diabetic, hepatoprotective and pro-inflammatory responses associated with administration of newly synthesized carboxamide derivatives in alloxan-induced diabetes and acetaminophen-provoked liver injury in rat 1 12 Months Dr. Obinna B. Onyejekwe N1,799,000.00
34 Phytoevaluation, Isolation and Characterization of Antidiabetic Constituents from psydraxhorizontalis LEAVES SCHUM & THONN, (BRIDSON) RUBLIACEAE 2 12 Months Peculiar F. Onyekere N1,976,250.00
35 Characterization of biochars from different sources and their effects on soil fertility and productivity of maize in Nsukka South Eastern, Nigeria 2 12 Months Ebido, Nancy Ekene N1,902,000.00
36 Isolation and molecular characterization of mycobacteria from cattle and humans, and risk factors for tuberculosis in Anambra and Enugu States, Nigeria. Nill 24 Months Dr. Akwoba Joseph Ogugua N2,000,000.00
37 The impact of backyard agriculture on household food security and livelihood in COVID-19 era in Southeast Nigeria. 1 12 Months Prof. Anselm AnibuezeEnete N1,996,000.00
38 Design and implementation of a robust learning management system (LMS) for tertiary institution 2 10 Months Onyima John Okoro N1,975,000.00
39 Investigation of the microalgae diversity and physico-chemistry of Ozi lake as preliminary steps in Bioprospecting for bioactive molecules against SARS-COV-2 1 12 Months Udeh Bartholomew Okwudili N1,998,180.00
40 Pharmacognostic Studies and Anti-trypanosomal Properties of Lindackeria Dentata (Oliv.) GILG (Flacourtiaceae) Leaves for the treatment of sleeping sickness 2 12 Months Udodeme H.O, N1,700,000.00
41 Knowledge Management practices as correlates of teachers’ professional competences and instructional task performance in secondary schools in Nigeria 1 8 Months Dr. Akachukwu Ignatius Nwabueze N1,400,000.00
42 Development and implementation of a novel refractance window dryer for the production of dried orange fruit juice and tomato powder 2 12 Months Engr Dr. Felix UzochukwuAsoiro N900,000.00
43 Effectiveness of mixture of silver nano particles of selected African medicinal plants on the control of storage paste of cowpea grains 3 12 Months Dr. Ekwueme Scholastica Uchenna N1,000.000.00
44 Digital marketing on financial inclusion in the South-East, Nigeria (A case study of Udenu-Orba main market) 2 12 Months Onwuka Ifunanya Amara N900,000.00
45 Determination of the optimum packaging conditions and time towards high quality and shelf life stability of granulated cassava (Manihot esculenta crantz) Garri 2 12 Months Engr. Mrs. Nneoma N. Aneke N1,200,000.00
46 Haematopoietic and inflammatory cytokines in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in Enugu metropolis, South-East Nigeria 1 12 Months Dr. S.A. Ufelle N2,000,000.00
47 Development of anthropometric dimensional database for ergonomic work analysis and musculoskeletal disorders reduction among Nigerian university employees 2 12 Months Prof. Stephen Chijioke Nwanya N2,000,000.00
48 Impact of visual multimedia intervention on perception, knowledge and behavior intention towards child marriage among children in Northern Nigeria 1 12 Months Dr Chinweobo-Onuoha Blessing N N1,500.000.00
49 Determinants of extent of use of climate smart agricultural practices by farm households in South East, Nigeria 1 12 Months Ukwuaba Ikenna Charles N1,500,000.00
50 Layout analysis of V-groove solar collector 3 12 Months Engr. V. Ogwo N1,500,000.00
51 A machine learning approach towards determining the effect of teaching method on student’s academic performance on campus 1 12 Months Ezugwu Assumpta O. N1,725,000.00
52 Immunosuppressive effects of Newcastle Disease Virus Infection in pullets exposed at early stages of life 4 12 Months Dr. Ifeanyichukwu Onyema N1,700,000.00
53 Growth indices, cost implication, back fat thickness and carcass cholesterol of three breeds of weaner pigs fed rice husks as replacement for maize 2 12 Months Dr. Toochukwu E. Ejiofor N1,750,000.00
54 Communicating childhood autism in primary schools: combating stigma and increasing access to education in Southeast, Nigeria 2 12 Months Dr. Charity N. Onyishi N1,907,000
55 GC-MS analysis and Anti-Alzheimer’s Potential of Isolated Compounds from Zapotecaportoricensis (jacq.) H.M. Hern (Family: Fabaceae) 1 12 Month Dr. Joel Ojogbane Onoja N1,991,250.00




Prof. Anene, B. M.

Chairman   TETFund Committee/TETFund Desk Officer