Details of selected publications by staff of University of Nigeria for the year 2022 II


201.Cyperus esculentus suppresses hepato-renal oxidative stress, inflammation, and caspase-3 activation following chronic exposure to sodium fluoride in rats’ model

SA Adelakun, B Ogunlade, OP Fidelis, OA Adedotun

Phytomedicine Plus 2 (1), 100163

202.Protective effect of nutritional supplementation of zinc-sulfate against cisplatin-induced spermatogonial and testicular dysfunctions in adult male Sprague-Dawley rats

SA Adelakun, B Ogunlade, OP Fidelis, OD Omotoso

Endocrine and Metabolic Science 6, 100116

203.Anthropometric perspective to classroom furniture ergonomics and the need for standards in Nigerian schools

OP Fidelis, B Ogunlade

Work, 1-11

204.Low-cost body-powered prosthesis for transfemoral amputation

OP Fidelis, AP Arowolo

Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology, 1-6

205.Modified orthopedic traction system for cervical and lower limb rehabilitation

OP Fidelis

Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, 1-7

206.Advancing biomechanics in Africa through National Biomechanics Day outreach–The Nigerian experience

OP Fidelis

Journal of Biomechanics 133, 110964

207.A Scalable Algorithm for Interpreting DNA Sequence and Predicting the Response of Killer T-Cells in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients

WL Woo, NO Ephraim, FP Obinna, OI Nwosu, BO Jessy, RR Al-Nima

International Journal of Bioinformatics and Intelligent Computing 1 (1), 43-65

208.Biochemical and Haematological Responses to Chronic Consumption of some Herbalized Nigerian Alcoholic Drinks

EOE Odey Michael Oko, Mboso E fonime, Ironya Ogar, Iwara A Iwara, Eze A …

Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 37 (3), 181-187


OC Okoye, CI Madueke, R Umunakwe, DO Komolafe

Acta Technica Corviniensis-Bulletin of Engineering 15 (2), 49-53

210.Intelligent user-collaborative edge device APC-based MEC 5G IoT for computational offloading and resource allocation

CS Chidume, CO Nnamani

Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 169, 286-300

211.Secure data collection via UAV-carried IRS

CO Nnamani, MRA Khandaker, M Sellathurai

ICT Express

212.Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the 15-item Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS-15) into Igbo language: a validation study

UG Mgbeojedo, CO Akosile, JC Ezugwu, EC Okoye, JN John, KU Ani, …

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 20 (1), 1-11

213.Patient involvement in medical decisions: a survey of shared decision making during physical therapy consultations

OC Okezue, EC Agbo, JN John, DO John

Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, 1-9

214.Assessment of heavy metal pollution in soils: a case study of Nsukka metropolis

CN Mama, CC Nnaji, O Igwe, OH Ozioko, CK Ezugwu, IJ Ugwuoke

Environmental Forensics 23 (3-4), 389-408

215.Congenital malformations: Prevalence and characteristics of newborns admitted into Federal Medical Center, Asaba

OU Chimah, KN Emeagui, OC Ajaegbu, CV Anazor, CA Ossai, …

Health Science Reports 5 (3), e599

216.Evaluating nongovernmental organization–led community mobilizers in health promotion, immunization campaigns, and acute flaccid paralysis surveillance: a systematic review of …

MA Gadanya, C Alo, AA Umar, KA Ahmad, T Afolaranmi, D Adeloye, …

International Journal of Medicine and Health Development 27 (1), 1-1

217.Outcome of Treatment of Children with Epilepsy in a Nigerian Tertiary Hospital

CO Okike, DO Emeagui, OC Ajaegbu, UV Muoneke

International Journal of Medicine and Health Development 27 (1), 74-74

218.Alzheimer’s Disease: Pathogenesis and Therapeutic Interventions

JO Ogbodo, CP Agbo, UO Njoku, MO Ogugofor, SI Egba, SA Ihim, …

Current Aging Science 15 (1), 2-25

219.Phytochemical analysis and thrombolytic profiling of Costus afer stem fractions

MO Ogugofor, UO Njoku, OU Njoku, GES Batiha

Future Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 8 (1), 1-5

220.Identification and characterization of phytochemicals and constituents in Desmodium velutinum stem using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

CC Nkwocha, MO Ogugofor, IF Chukwuma, OU Njoku

Pharmacological Research-Modern Chinese Medicine 3, 100090

221.Plant-derived compounds for the treatment of schistosomiasis: Improving efficacy via nano-drug delivery

AA Eze, MO Ogugofor, EC Ossai

Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice 25 (6), 747

222.Petrography, Geochemistry And Petrogenesis Of Grey Gneisses Of Part of Oke-Ode Area, South-Western Nigeria.

Iheme, K. O. Alebiosu, M. T., Adedoyin, A.D.

Journal of Physical Sciences, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University …

223.Cybercrime: Victims’ Shock Absorption Mechanisms

OJ Eze, JT Okpa, CD Onyejegbu, BO Ajah

Malware-Detection and Defense

224.Suffered but neglected: Public perception of the victims of crime neglect in Enugu urban, Nigeria

EG Emerson, UI Patrick, OJ Eze, OCP Ezeanya

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Growth Evaluation 3 …

225.Effect of Inflation on Pension Fund Investment in Federal Government Securities in Nigeria

OD Madukwe, DC Okeke

World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews 14 (3), 074-085

226.Evaluation of the antioxidative properties of different Fractions of Ethanol extract of Jatropha tangorensis

CC Unegbu, O Ajah, IE Nnaoma, RC Joseph

Sch Int J Chem Mater Sci 5 (3), 29-32

227.Effect of Flavonoid Rich Fraction of Coriandrum sativum Leaf on Lipid Profile

CU Chika, N Onuoha, O Ajah, IE Nnaoma

Nitric Oxide, Ang II and Cardio Histopathology in L-NAME Intoxicated …

228.Combined Funtumia africana and Abutilon mauritianum Extract Improves Haematological and Antioxidant Parameters in Androgen-Induced Prostate Hyperplasia in Rats

UR Ikechukwu, SN Ijioma, CN Chukwu, O Ajah, OE Uko

Avicenna Journal of Medical Biochemistry 10 (1), 30-36


CCN Chimee, CC Unegbu, O Ajah

  1. Antidiabetes, antidyslipidemia, hemoprotective, nehproprotective and hepatoprotective effect of ethanol extract of Jatropha tanjorensis leaf against alloxan induced diabetes in …

CC Unegbu, O Ajah, CM Nnorom, JC Onwusonye, CA Duru, OM Joel

Journal of Medicinal Herbs, 13 (1), 57-64

231.Citizens’ remonstrance’s constitutionality in Nigeria and the role of social media: a metaphorical appraisal of #EndSars police brutality protest

OJ Chukwu

International Journal of Public Law and Policy 8 (2), 177 – 127


OJ Chukwu, LO Nwauzi

The Journal of Environmental and Human Right Law 2 (5), 127 – 140

233.Transmission of Cultural Heritage Function of the Press and the Social Media: an Analytical Introspection

OJ Chukwu, AO Ogunboyowa

Sarcouncil Journal of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences 1 (8), 32 – 40


OJ Chukwu, SI Oji

The Journal of Law and Policy 3 (4), 1 – 16

235.Appraising Covid-19 Lockdown Effect on Physically-Challenged People’s Communication Patterns in Nigeria

Obinna Johnkenned Chukwu, Arikenbi

Sarcouncil Journal of Multidisciplinary 2 (8), 1 – 10

236.Mapping Edo State University’s Undergraduates’ Awareness and Usage of the New Media

AAA hukwu, Obinna Johnkennedy, Reuben

Journal of Management and Science 12 (4), 131 -140

237.Access to Covid-19 Awareness-Information by the Undergraduate Students of Edo State University Uzairue O

OJ Chukwu, F Odjoji, V Chukwuemeka, U Esun

Sarcouncil Journal of Education and Sociology 1 (3), 1 – 6

  1. Social Media and Political Promotion: Analysis of Edo State APC Gubernatorial Candidate’s Promotion on Facebook

OJ Chukwu, B Ngonso

Sarcouncil Journal of Arts and Literature 1 (1), 30 – 37

  1. Assessing Entertainment Given to Journalists Covering Events in Nigeria, Through the Prism of Ethical Consideration O

OJ Chukwu

Sarcouncil Journal of Education and Sociology 1 (1), 1 – 7

  1. Communication and Governance for Cultural Development: Issues and Platforms

AA Ate, ED Akpor, WO Olley, OJ Chukwu, … Akhor, S. O.

Corporate & Business Strategy Review 3 (2), 151 – 158

  1. Sonographic prediction of successful embryonic implantation in in-vitro fertilization and embryo transfer cycle procedures, using a multi-parameter approach

HC Ugwu, SWI Onwuzu, JA Agbo, OE Abonyi, KK Agwu

Radiography 28 (2), 473-479

  1. Mapping transcriptomic vector fields of single cells

X Qiu, Y Zhang, JD Martin-Rufino, C Weng, S Hosseinzadeh, D Yang, …

Cell 185 (4), 690-711. e45

  1. Compatibility rules of human enhancer and promoter sequences

DT Bergman, TR Jones, V Liu, J Ray, E Jagoda, L Siraj, HY Kang, …

Nature 607 (7917), 176-184

  1. Method for in situ determination of nucleic acid proximity

E Lieberman-aiden, S Rao, E Stamenova, O Dudchenko, E Lander

US Patent 11,279,974

  1. CRISPR enzymes and systems

K Severinov, F Zhang, YI Wolf, S Shmakov, E Semenova, L Minakhin, …

US Patent 11,421,250

  1. Methods and compositions for altering function and structure of chromatin loops and/or domains

EL Aiden, ES Lander, S Rao, SC Huang, AL Sanborn, NC Durand, …

US Patent 11,214,800

  1. Neurocognitive trajectory and proteomic signature of inherited risk for Alzheimer’s disease

MD Paranjpe, M Chaffin, S Zahid, S Ritchie, JI Rotter, SS Rich, …

PLoS genetics 18 (9), e1010294

  1. Inferring gene regulation from stochastic transcriptional variation across single cells at steady state

A Gupta, JD Martin-Rufino, TR Jones, V Subramanian, X Qiu, EI Grody, …

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (34), e2207392119

  1. Extremely sparse models of linkage disequilibrium in ancestrally diverse association studies

PS Nowbandegani, AW Wohns, JL Ballard, ES Lander, A Bloemendal, …

bioRxiv, 2022.09. 06.506858

  1. Gene Sequencing Identifies Perturbation in Nitric Oxide Signaling as a Nonlipid Molecular Subtype of Coronary Artery Disease

AV Khera, M Wang, M Chaffin, CA Emdin, NJ Samani, H Schunkert, …

Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine 15 (6), e003598

  1. Abstract B016: Quantifying and dissecting pancreatic cancer cell phenotypic plasticity using lineage tracing, single-cell multiomics and CRISPR perturbations reveals novel …

A Mehta, L Bi, A Al’Khafaji, M Jankowiak, M Parikh, M Babadi, …

Cancer Research 82 (22_Supplement), B016-B016

  1. High-Throughput CRISPR Screening Links CAD Loci to Endothelial Cell Programs and Causal Pathways

RM Gupta, GR Schnitzler, H Kang, RR Ma, V Lee-Kim, A Zeng, R Zhou, …

Circulation 146 (Suppl_1), A14675-A14675

  1. A patient-driven clinicogenomic partnership for metastatic prostate cancer

J Crowdis, S Balch, L Sterlin, BS Thomas, SY Camp, M Dunphy, …

Cell genomics 2 (9), 100169

  1. Methods of determination of genome architecture and epigenetic profile

E Aiden, E Stamenova, A Gnirke, ES Lander, N Durand, O Dudchenko

US Patent App. 17/612,160

  1. Methods for treating metabolic disorders by targeting adcy5

M Claussnitzer, N Sinnott-armstrong, I Sousa, S Laber, K Douglas, …

US Patent App. 17/615,540

  1. Devices for crispr effector system based diagnostics

O Abudayyeh, JJ Collins, J Gootenberg, F Zhang, ES Lander

US Patent App. 17/241,382

  1. Methods for the detection of dna-rna proximity in vivo

EL Aiden, M Guttman, E Stamenova, ES Lander

US Patent App. 17/216,570

  1. Agents for reversing toxic proteinopathies

A Greka, M Dvela-Levitt, M Alimova, E Lander, TR Golub, F Wagner, …

US Patent App. 17/494,824

  1. Crispr effector system based diagnostics

O Abudayyeh, JJ Collins, J Gootenberg, F Zhang, ES Lander, A Regev

US Patent App. 17/495,219

  1. Mapping the convergence of genes for coronary artery disease onto endothelial cell programs

GR Schnitzler, H Kang, VS Lee-Kim, RX Ma, T Zeng, RS Angom, S Fang, …

bioRxiv, 2022.11. 01.514606