Department of Theatre and Film Studies




Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Time Days Venue Lecturers
TFS 102 Practical Participation Orientation 3 2pm-3.30pm Mon/Wed Pavilion Dr. U.C Nwaozuzu/ R.Umezinwa/A. Nwosu/ Mrs Alio
TFS 104 History of Drama & Theory: Beginning-Medieval Period 2 8am-9am Tue/Thurs Pavilion Dr. N.O. Eze / Mr.J. C. Ezeh
TFS 132 Basic Communication Theory 3 10am-11.30am Mon/Fri Pavilion Dr.  N. Udengwu /Dr. C. Amonyeze
TFS 134 Basic Acting Skills 3 8am-9.30am Mon/Wed Pavilion Dr. N. Nnanna/Dr.I. Erojikwe/Anthony  Nwosu
TFS 202 History of Drama & Theatre: Renaissance-19th Century 2 8am-9am Mon/Wed CEC Dr Ifeanyi Ugwu/ Mr. N. Obasi
TFS 252 Fundamentals of Playwriting 2 10am-11am Tue/Thurs CEC Dr. C.     Amonyeze/ Mr. N. Obasi
TFS 260 Children’s Theatre Education 3 12pm-1.30pm Mon/Wed CEC Mrs C. Ezeugwu/Mrs. N. Ibeli/ Miss C. Nwabueze
TFS 262 Introduction to Theatre for Development 2 11am-12pm Wed/Fri CEC Mr. J. Ezeh/Dr Ikechukwu Eroijikwe
TFS 270 Acting for Film, Radio and TV 2 3pm-4pm Mon/Fri CEC Dr. C. Amonyeze/ Mr. Obi Okoli/Mr.  O. Ekwueme
TFS 232 Basic Non-Verbal Communication 2 2pm-3pm Tue/Fri Pavilion Mr. G. Mbajiorgu/Dr.A. Okeke
TFS 234 Basic Choreography & Kinaesthetic 2 1pm-2pm Tue/Thurs Pavilion Dr. U. Nwaozuzu/Mr. O. Ekwueme/ Dr. A. Igbokwe
TFS 302 Modern African Drama and Theatre 3 2pm-3.30pm Mon/Wed PRDB Prof. E. Nwabueze/ Dr.N.  Nnanna
TFS 322 Advanced Scene Design 2 8am- Wed/Fri PRDB Mr. J. Igbonekwu/ Mr Richard Umezinwa
TFS 324 Costume Design and Production 2 10am-11am Mon/Fri PRDB Mrs.C. Ezeugwu/ Miss C. Nwabueze/Mrs. N. Alio
TFS 330 Dance Theories and Practice 2 3pm-4pm Tue/Thurs PRDB Dr. F Egwuda-Ugbeda / Miss C.Nwabueze
TFS 332 Advanced Acting 2 9am-10am Tue/Thurs PRDB Mr. G. Mbajiorgu/Dr. E Aniago/
TFS 344 Stage Management 1 1pm-2pm Mon/Wed PRDB Dr A. Igbokwe./ Mr. O Ekwueme/ Mr, E. Okoli
TFS 360 Theatre Workshop 2 TBA TBA TBA HOD/Mr. E. Okoli / Mr. J. Igbonekwu
TFS 370 Film Theories 3 10am-11.30am Tue/Thurs PRDB Dr. C. Amonyeze/ Dr.Austin Okeke
TFS 402 Topics in Theatre Studies 3 10am-11.30am Mon/Wed Room 306 Dr N.O. Eze/ Dr.Ngozi Udengwu
TFS 412 Studies in Dramatic Literature 3 11am-12.30pm Tue/Thurs Room 306 Prof. Emeka Nwabueze/ Dr. E. Aniago
TFS 440 Advanced Play Production & Directing 4 8am-10am Tue/Thurs Room 306 Dr. U. Nwaozuzu/ Mrs. C Ezeugwu Mr Umezinwa
TFS 404 Oriental Theatre 2 9am-10am Wed/Fri Room 306 Dr. F. Egwuda-Ugbeda / Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwu
TFS 480 Research Project Writing 4 TBA TBA TBA STAFF
TFS 476 Film, Radio & TV Drama Production 3 2pm-3.30pm Mon/Thurs Room 306 Dr. Ndubuisi Nnanna /Mr.Obi.Okoli/ Dr I. Erojikwe