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All Nigeria United Nations Students And Youth Association University Of Nigeria, Nsukka Chapter.




The All Nigeria United Nations Students and Youth Association (ANUNSA) is the Nigerian Branch of the international Students and Youth Movement of the United Nations (ISMUN) which is an international Non-Governmental Organization, (NGO) composed of National Students and Youth Associations from over one hundred and fifty countries all over the world including Nigeria. ISMUN has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. ANUNSA was founded in October 1958 at the University of Ibadan and is the first registered and recognized United Nations Students and Youth Association in Nigeria. ANUNSA’s activities cut across educational, social, cultural, political and professional backgrounds, the thematic issues cut across. Health, environment, poverty eradication, education, sustainable development, democracy, governance, human rights, peace and conflicts resolution, population, international affairs etc. These issues are considered from youth perspective as their contribution to the aims and objectives of the United Nations in general.


The aims of ANUNSA shall be to: 1. Study the nature and workings of United Nations; 2. Propagate the ideals and principles of United Nations as a basis for the achievement of peace for mankind; 3. Interest Nigerian students and youths in particular and the Nigeria public in general in the activities of the United Nations and its specialized agencies; 4. Cultivate, as a matter of duty, amongst Nigerian students and youths an objectives outlook on both National and international issues;  5. Work with young people and students to strive for national economic, social, and cultural liberation and against any form of neo-colonialism; 6. Promote sustainable/environmentally sound development in Nigeria and the world at large; 7. Affiliate with other national and or international bodies whose ideals are in line with those of ANUNSA.

The objectives of ANUNSA shall be to: 1. Carry out of activities for the advancement of knowledge: educational, scientific, social, cultural, sport, charitable, purpose, literacy campaign as permitted by law; 2. Serve as a useful mechanism for youths to express their urge for action in concrete terms and contribute towards social reconstruction and national development; 3. Pursue and facilitate easy collection of international passport and other travelling documents for ANUNSA members through the assistance of the Ministry responsible for Youth Affairs.


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