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Name of Journal — AgroScience

Editors                  — Prof. M. I. Uguru   Editor-In-Chief

Associate Editor-In Chief – Prof. N. M. Nnam

Business Manager     Dr. A.O. Ani

Secretary                       Dr. S.E. Obalum


Prof A.C.C. Udeogalanya (USA)                             Dr. (mrs) Jane Chah (Nigeria)

Prof. C.J. Arene (Nigeria)                                        Prof . Iro Nkama (Nigeria)


The current address of the journal

Faculty of Agrclture University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria.


The scope of the journal

Agro-Science, the journal of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Nigeria, was borne out of the need for a forum and technical mouthpiece for the communication and extension of scientific and agricultural research in Africa Agro-Science. It is an international journal of high technical/intellectual quality, published twice per year (January and July). It is tropical in scope and has the following areas of focus: Crop Science: Animal Science; Animal Health; Soil and Environment, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension, Home Economics, Food and Nutrition; Post Harvest Technology; Agricultural Engineering and Mechanization.


Current websites of the journals




Published Issues

AgroScience Volume 1 No. 1 (2000) To AgroScience Volume 12 No. 1 (2012).

Table of Contents and Abstracts are available on-line in the Journal websites.


Current publishers of the journal

Faculty of Agriculture, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.


Strengths and Weaknesses of the journal



AgroScience has attained international status. It publishes papers from all over the world. For more than one decade, the journal has provided opportunities to researchers in Agriculture and allied fields to publish their findings in written word. The journal has reviewers that are of international standard. Both the hard and electronic copies are produced for circulation.



AgroScience has poor financial base. Its production and circulation are self-sponsored.



Opportunities and Threats of the journals


AgroScience has the potentials of becoming a world-class journal with a high impact factor.




AgroScience is presently competing with many other agro-based journals that are well financed.


Strategies to enhance the capacity of the journals

The Editorial Board of AgroScience is presently expanding the membership of the board to include other scholars in Europe, America and other continents. Efforts are also being made to find sponsors who would assist in funding the production of the journal on regular basis. It is the desire of the board to go completely on-line in the review processes.

Our Pressing Need

We would want the university to link us up with Tetfund


Professor M. I. Uguru