Records Unit


This website serves to provide an overview of our activities at UNN. The University of Nigeria was founded in 1960 by Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, an African legend, who was also Nigeria’s first president. The founding of the university in 1960 – the same year Nigeria gained political independence – was informed by the need to produce the highly skilled men and women that will fulfill the manpower needs of the newly independent Nigerian state. This unique circumstance of our birth as an institution informed the choice of our motto – to restore the dignity of man.

Thus, since inception UNN has strived to be in the forefront of manpower training as well as research and development in the country. In doing so we stay conscious of the mission chosen for us by our founding fathers, which is to seek truth, teach truth and preserve truth. UNN has a tradition of excellence for which the institution is known within and outside the country. This excellence is seen in our preference for distinguished academics as faculty members, the state of infrastructure for teaching and learning, curriculum content and research output.

Vision and Mission

To play her part alongside with other units in the Registrar’s Department in realizing the Vision and Mission of the University of Nigeria.

Objectives of the Unit

The records office performs the following functions in fulfillment of her mandates and objectives.

Staff Breakdown

From inception to date, the Records Unit at one time or the other has had the leaders who were simply the best in what they do…

Charges for Transcript Requests

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka charges a certain fee for transcripts production or verification of results/transcripts. Please note that these requests are obliged only after the prescribed payment is made to the University.