Office of The Vice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor

Nnamdi's Dad

Professor Charles Arizechukwu Igwe, B.Agric, Msc, Phd all in University of Nigeria and Postgraduate Diploma in Soil Science from Agricultural University, Norway, was appointed the 15th Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nigeria in May 2019.

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Admin)

The office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration) was created in 1975 with Professor Modilim Achufusi as the pioneer DVC. The principal objective of the DVC (Admin.) is to assist the Vice-Chancellor in the discharge of his functions. The office was created because of the need to assist the Vice-Chancellor in the discharge of the weighty schedule of giving both administrative and academic leadership to the entire university community.

Legal Unit

The Legal Unit of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office was established to cater for the increasing legal needs and or problems of the University. Thus because of the needs to advise the University Administration on the legal needs of the University and the increasing litigation arising from Staff , Students of the University and others individuals or bodies, the establishment of what is today known and or called “ Legal Unit” was nurtured. The University, from inception, had always retained a private Legal Practitioner to handle its day-to-day litigation in Court.

Records Unit

The office serves as the reservoir for the storage and retrieval of needed information on the student. The office works to render quick and efficient service to all who seek for one information or the other about the student, or by the student themselves.


The Registrar’s office is responsible for General Administration, Examination Policy Matters, Production of vital examination materials, Certification/issuance of statement of results to candidates who sat for examinations, resolving complaints from candidates, publicizing the activities of the Board and linking the missing links…


Public Relations

The Public Relations Unit is responsible for planning and executing a public relations programme, implement public relations activities and manage an effective system of communications, which supports the School’s goals and objectives for internal and external communications to all…

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academics)

The office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics) was created in 1975. Since then the following have held the office of DVC (Academics).

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