Works Services Department


Works Services Department is an engineering outfit of the University statutorily committed to the following functions:

  • Maintenance and up-keep of public buildings and furniture
  • Maintenance and up-keep of residential buildings and furniture
  • Maintenance and up-keep of roads and drains in the University
  • Maintenance, up-keep and beautification of the environment
  • Provision of water, electricity and communication services, their up-keep and maintenance
  • Maintenance and up-keep of plants and equipment
  • The up-keep, maintenance repairs of Universitys mobile vehicles including cars, lorries, tractors, crane and other road vehicles
  • Maintenance and repairs of electronic and other equipment used in the teaching laboratories, and in other departments of the University
  • The acquisition of real property and its management with the advent of Estate office.


Vision Statement:

To build a maintenance department that will be responsive to the demands of the University and offer acceptable service delivery to its stakeholders.

Mission Statement:

  • To pursue hard-work with high standard of professionalism
  • To encourage honesty and integrity in service
  • To provide the enabling environment for effective academics in the university


Goal and Objectives:

  • To ensure maintenance of all facilities on campus to an acceptable level of functionality
  • To ensure continual personnel training with adequate provision of equipments for optimal performance.
  • To ensure total computerization of the department for effective performance
  • To establish a modern technology driven maintenance system rapid response to faults.