Institute of Education

The Institution of Education was established in 1964. It is designed to serve as a centre for educational consultation, liaison and for the professional development, which is very necessary in education as it is in other professions.
The Institute serves as a link between the University and other educational agencies. Its functions fall into three main categories;

Research Functions:
The research activities of Education are directed towards identifying major educational problems and needs of the country and investigating ways and means of addressing such problems. To foster and enhance the research functions, the Institute of Education publishes two professional journals, me Review of Education and International Journal for Research (INJER) for the dissemination of research findings and educational developments. The Institute also publishes the proceedings of her annual conferences as well as supports the publication of high quality educational books.

Teaching Functions:
Academic Staff of the Institute hold parallel appointments in specific departments where they carry out teaching functions while they carry out research and administrative functions within the Institute. The Institute organises and runs an in-service sandwich programme in courses leading to the postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) and Bachelor Degree (B.A., B.Sc., or B.Ed.) of the University of Nigeria for holders of ACE, NCE, University Diploma or equivalent qualifications. This collaboration is with the academic staff of the Faculty of Education.

Public Service Functions:
The Institute of Education, apart from its teaching and research functions, also engages in some public functions which focus on: seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences.