The Department offers a single Honours degree programme in philosophy and combined honours degree programmes with any of the Departments in the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences. The Programme further exposes Philosophy majors to other interrelated disciplines, e.g. Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, Foreign Languages, Education, History.


Our philosophy is that our students should be trained in a manner that will equip them with a critical and reflective mind as the skills and aptitudes that will enable them analyze, appreciate and theorize about the fundamental dimensions of reality; and the connection of these to personal and social affairs.


The Objectives of the degree programme in philosophy are:

1. To prepare students for administrative, policy-making and mass media career, teaching positions in the public service, private sector, and educational institutions.

2. To provide foundation for those who wish to do professional/academic philosophy.

3. To bridge the gap between academic/professional philosophy and social practice in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general.


To expose the students to Africa’s contribution to global philosophy and also to other philosophies.

Entry Requirement

Admission is by Direct Entry or by Entrance Examination through U. M. E. Candidates seeking admission by direct entry and those by entrance examination are expected to complete their programme in three or four years respectively. Possession of University of Nigeria entry requirements satisfies admission into the department. However, credit in the Arts and Social Science subjects at the GCE “O” level or its equivalent is an advantage.

Job Opportunities

The nature of the discipline and its designed programmes are to produce graduates suitable for employment in administrative, managerial, teaching capacities in:

1. The School, Viz: Primary and Secondary Education Institutions;

2. The Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education;

3. The State and Local Government Commissions, Hospital Administrations;

4. Federal Government Service-national as well as international

5. Parastatals, Private Organizations and Institutions,

6. The Army Forces, Navy and Air Force;

7. The Police, Prisons;

8. Security and Intelligence Organizations;

Service Courses

While every course offered by the Department of Philosophy may serve as a service course, Phil. 103 is a special offer.

Stress Areas

0 – Introduction/Foundation

1 – Metaphysics

2 – Axiology

3 – Epistemology and Methodology

4 – History

5 – African Philosophy

6 – Social and Political Philosophy

7 – Seminar

8 – Research Project