The Use of English Unit

Objectives and Scope

The aim of The Use of English courses is to teach students study skills which they require for their academic work in the University. These skills include listening, reading, note-taking techniques, using the library and writing a term paper, etc. The course also emphasizes oral communication and speech work. The first course (GSP 101) comprises Study skills, The Use of Library and Basic Research Methods.

The second course, GSP 102 aims at helping students:

  • develop competence in the use of English through knowledge of the basic principles of grammar. At the end of the component, students should be able to apply grammatical prescriptions correctly in speech and writing;
  • understand the nature of the writing process as different from speech;
  • understand the basic unit of every writing process – the sentence and its parts;
  • be able to write a paragraph and essay of different kinds;
  • acquire knowledge of writing other forms of modern communication – the form and style of technical writing;
  • learn the principles/ techniques of book reviews; and
  • acquire the basic principles of modern information techniques.