General Information and Academic Programme

The science of Statistics concerns the development and application of the most effective methods of collecting, analyzing and interpreting date in such a way that the fallibility of conclusions and estimates can be assessed by means of logical reasoning based on the mathematics of probability. It deals with designing of experiments and surveys, testing hypotheses, studying relationships among two or more variables, among other scientific methods. These methods have wide application in such diverse fields as in industry, business, government, educational institutions, agriculture, meteorology and astronomy, engineering medicine, social sciences and the liberal arts.

Types of Degree Programmes

The department of Statistics offers the following degree programmes:

  • B.Sc. degree in Statistics
  • B.Sc. combined degree in Statistics/Mathematics Statistics/ Economics, Statistics/Computer Science and Statistics/Education in collaboration with the departments of Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science and Education. The normal duration for the B.Sc. degree is four years for candidates who enter by entrance examination and three years for direct entry candidates. Philosophy, Objectives and Scope of the Programme

In accordance with the philosophy of the University of Nigeria the programme aims at equipping the student with the basic knowledge in Probability and Stochastic Processes. Degree and Analysis of Experiments, Statistical Methods and Inference Sampling Technique, Quality Control and Operations Research. It is designed to develop the skills and the necessary intellectual orientation Required by the stude3nt for subsequent career as a statistician.

Job Opportunities

Successful graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Statistics programmes are well equipped for postgraduate studies and teaching in the relevant subjects. Their training also makes them prepare for careers in Government Departments, Banks, International Agencies, Research Institutions, and in commercial and Technical firms needing the services of Statisticians.

The Department of Statistics offers specially designed service courses to many departments in the Faculties of Physical Sciences, Agriculture, Biological Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Environmental Studies Education and Social Sciences.

For enrolment in the service courses, students must have at least a pass in Mathematics at the G.C.E. Ordinary level or in an equivalent examination.