General Information and Academic Programme Degree Offered

The department offers a B.Sc. degree programme in Mathematics, which is of a three—or four-year duration, depending on whether the student is admitted by direct entry or by the JAMB Matriculation Examination. Also, in collaboration with other departments, the department offers a B.Sc. degree programme in such combined disciplines as Mathematics/Computer Science and Mathematics/ Economics.

Philosophy, Objectives and Scope

The aim of the Department is to offer programmes designed to impact a sound knowledge of all branches of Mathematics to students. Courses are offered in all the core areas of Mathematics as well as in applicable Mathematics. The programmes help students to develop the necessary skills, intellectual, mental and moral training for a career in Mathematics and other related field.

The Department is inclined to producing B.Sc. degree holders that can compete favourably with any other B.Sc. Degree holder in Mathematics from any part of the Globe, and can pursue higher degrees in Mathematical Sciences any where in the World. Recently many innovations have been made in the programme to accommodate the fast growing demands in information technology, banking and oil industries.

As the “mother” and “language” of all sciences, the Department aims at adequately servicing the faculties of Engineering, Physical Sciences, Pharmaceutical sciences, Medicals Sciences, Environmental Studies, Business Administration etc. Since the current trend in technology, engineering and life sciences emphasizes actual quantification, the programme of our department embraces application in all these areas of human endeavour.

Recognizing the role of mathematics as a basic tool in the physical and engineering sciences, and the current developments in the social and life sciences which have now become increasingly quantitative, the mathematics undergraduate academic programme emphasizes the applications of theory and methods to real life and physical problems. It helps the student to establish an expertise in Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, or Industrial Mathematics. It also prepares him for graduate study in the mathematical sciences.

Job Opportunities

On completion of the programme, a graduate has job opportunities in industry, government or educational institutions.

Stress Areas

Each course in the department is designated by the three letters, MTH, followed by a three-digit number. The first digit indicates the year, the second digit indicates the stress area, as listed below, and the third digit gives the order of the courses.