Medical Rehabilitation

General Information and Academic Programme

The Department of Medical Rehabilitation offers a five year standard degree programme leading to B.Sc. (Medical Rehabilitation).

Objectives and Scope of Programme

The object of the present curriculum is to provide the education Required by those who wish to practise in the broad field of Medical Rehabilitation based on physiotherapy. The curriculum was developed with the full participation of Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy which is the governing body of the profession in Nigeria. The curriculum introduced some innovations in the training of physiotherapists in Nigeria to enable the prospective graduate function professionally anywhere in the world and be acceptable to institutions of higher learning for further academic work.

Job Opportunities

Physiotherapy is a growing profession in Nigeria. There is increasing advancement in and utilization of technology and automation with increased public awareness of the plight of the handicapped in our society. Employment opportunities exist in teaching hospitals, specialist hospitals, rehabilitation centres, Armed Forces, schools and homes for the handicapped, industry, sports organisations, international agencies and in private practice. There are also academic opportunities in Institutions of higher learning for teaching and research.