General Information, Academic Programme, Philosophy, Objectives and Scope
The Undergraduate Programme

The Department of Architecture offers a standard four-year programme and three-year programme (for Direct Entry students) leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Architecture. The Programme is designed to provide essential background for the professional needs of an architect.


The philosophy of the programme is to develop and impart architectural education responsive to our environment and the needs of the people.

Objectives and Scope

The programme is aimed at providing competent skilled and versatile architects capable of facing a broad spectrum of challenges of environmental design in Nigeria, in particular, and the global situation in general. To further this, the programme will exploit the rich culture and traditional architectural resources in the country and within its immediate environment. The programme has as in-built flexibility in the development of courses to allow for the changing needs of architectural education arising from changing social, economic, psychological and technological environment.

Job Opportunities

Architecture is among the most complex of the professions taught at the University of Nigeria. The programme in architecture draws upon research in decision theory, human behaviour patterns and perception, as well as technology and art, as the basis for directing the future architects successful contribution to the society he serves. The Building Industry led by the architectural profession has the enormous responsibility for recreating the physical environment of Nigeria.

On successful completion of the programme, a graduate in architecture shall have attained sufficient theoretical and practical skills to assist practicing Architects, and then can register with the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) as well as the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) and work as a full-fledged Architect. Also, the student can proceed for higher studies in Architecture.