Faculty of Science Education

Philosophy, Objective and Scope

The basic objective of the Department of Science Education is to train Science teachers who are academically and professionally competent to educate pupils, and make them literate in the sciences at all levels of the educational system. The purpose is to turn out dedicated and reliable science educators knowledgeable in all areas of science, and skilled in classroom management as well as in dealing with human beings.

Job Opportunities

Students who successfully complete the programme have ample teaching opportunities with the various Ministries of Education and Private Schools in the country.

Subject Combinations

The following subject combinations are available in the Department:

  • Education / Biology
  • Education / Chemistry
  • Education / Mathematics
  • Education / Physics
  • Education / Integrated Science

Students of the Department of Science Education take general Education courses from the Department of Educational Foundations. They also take courses from the various Departments in which their teaching subjects are based.
Two Education Courses housed in the Department of Science Education, are service courses for most Departments in the Faculty of Education. They are:

  • EDUÂ Â Â 441Â Â Â -Â Â Â Measurement and Evaluation
  • EDUÂ Â Â 341Â Â Â -Â Â Â Research Methods, Statistics and Computer Usage